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Taj Mahal To Reopen From Today, 650 Visitors Allowed At A Time

Taj Mahal To Reopen From Today, 650 Visitors Allowed At A Time

The world famous Taj Mahal, which was closed due to the outbreak of the second wave of the pandemic, is ready for re-opening, the Taj Mahal is being opened from Wednesday in the process of unlocking. A maximum of 650 tourists can visit the Taj Mahal at a time. These will also include children, guides and photographers. Others will have to stop after 650 persons have gathered at the memorial. Without any arrangement for tourists outside the Taj Mahal in the sweating sun, they will have to face trouble.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) had issued an order to open the Taj Mahal and other monuments on Monday. The district administration on Tuesday fixed a maximum limit of 650 tourists/public at a time in the Taj Mahal. The number of tourists in other monuments is less, so no number of tourists has been fixed in them. The arrangement made for the Taj Mahal is considered to be increasing the trouble for the tourists. the entire complex was sanitized before the Taj Mahal opened. All the places including the seating benches of tourists were sanitized.

In the year 2020 also, due to corona infection, centrally protected monuments across the country including Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri were closed for tourists. The Taj Mahal, which was closed since March 16 last year, opened on September 21. In this way, the Taj Mahal was closed for tourists for 188 days. This time the Taj remained closed from 16 April to 15 June. In these 15 months, the Taj Mahal has remained closed for tourists for 249 days. The doors of the Taj Mahal were closed again on 16 April after opening for 207 days. When the process of easing the Corona curfew started from June 1, people associated with tourism had raised a demand to open the Taj Mahal and other monuments so that people could get employment.

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