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Thai Govt Approves Pfizer Purchase, Plus Another 10.9 Million Sinovac Doses

Thai Govt Approves Pfizer Purchase, Plus Another 10.9 Million Sinovac Doses

thai government approves pfizer covid-19 vaccine & sinovac doses

The Thai Cabinet has given the go-ahead for the purchase of 20 million doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, along with another 10.9 million doses of Sinovac covid-19 vaccine. According to a Bangkok Post report, the Thai PM’s spokesman Anucha Burapachasri says the budget for the Sinovac purchase would come from the executive decree loan and would not exceed 6.1 billion baht. The budget for the Pfizer purchase has not been confirmed. In addition, the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation has received approval to purchase doses of the Moderna vaccine on behalf of private hospitals.

In addition to the government’s order, Thailand is also expected to receive 1.5 million Pfizer doses donated by the US government this month. It’s been reported that the US government has donated the vaccines. Udom Kachintorn, adviser to the government’s Covid-19 task force, says Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca would be given as boosters to around 700,000 medical workers who’ve already received 2 doses of the Sinovac vaccine. The second group to be prioritised will be the elderly and those with underlying conditions.

“The priority is to give a booster shot to some 700,000 fully vaccinated medical workers, who received their second shots 3-4 months ago. The booster shot could be Pfizer – if it arrives in time – or AstraZeneca.”

According to Udom, a small study involving 8 people showed that someone who had a severe allergic reaction to the first dose of Sinovac was given AstraZeneca for a second dose and went on to develop 8 times more antibodies than those who’d been given 2 doses of Sinovac.

However, he adds that mRNA vaccines, such as Pfizer and Moderna, will become the primary vaccines in future. The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration is also considering a mix-and-match approach, using doses from different manufacturers in the vaccination regimen, in an effort to further boost immunity.

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