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Thailand COVID Cases Steady as Fear of Omicron Sparks Concerns

Thailand COVID Cases Steady as Fear of Omicron Sparks Concerns


Thailand Ministry of Health reports 3,899 new COVID-19 cases and an additional 19 deaths for the past 24 hours. The brief also announced that 3,878 cases were found among the public and 68 from prison inmates. The ministry also announced an additional 2,508 recovered patients.

The Ministry encourages those who have visited Khao San Road for the new year celebrations to get tested and monitor their conditions. This is in response to 11 people who attended the weekend celebrations testing positive for COVID-19.

The organizers of the event took precautions for those who would attend the party. Everyone had to show proof that they have been fully vaccinated. The alternatives were to show that they had tested negative for the past 72 hours. The health workers also set up an area on the street that also administered rapid tests throughout the celebration.

One man tested positive for COVID 19 on the 3rd of January along with 10 of his friends who were with him at Khao San Road on December 30 from midnight until 3 in the morning. All of them are now undergoing RT-PCR tests to confirm their initial results. Attendees who have been in the celebration at the said time frame are encouraged to take RT-PCR tests.

Thailand COVID cases are fluctuating for the past few days. This prompts the government to suspend the TEST and GO program. The program was suspended on November 21, 2021, to keep the omicron variant at bay. All tourists who plan to enter Thailand (except for the Phuket Sandbox scheme) are required a mandatory quarantine.

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