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Thailand Remains Neutral on the Russian-Ukraine Conflict

Thailand Remains Neutral on the Russian-Ukraine Conflict

Thailand Remains Neutral

Thailand Remains Neutral

Thailand remains neutral on the Russian-Ukraine conflict according to Prime Minister Prayut Cha-o-cha.

According to the source, a cabinet meeting on Tuesday examined the subject extensively. 25 diplomats based in Thailand pressed the government to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. General Prayut cited the long-standing relations with Russia. He asked everyone to tread carefully. His priority is the safe return of Thai citizens who were in Ukraine.

“We need to be composed and make decisions carefully. Thailand must maintain a neutral stance and bring Thais in Ukraine back home quickly,” he said.


Thailand would support ASEAN’s stance on the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. ASEAN called for discussion between the parties involved in order to settle the issue in Ukraine.

25 ambassadors met with Foreign Ministry Permanent Secretary Thani Thongphakdi on Monday. They called for support for the United Nations General Assembly’s (UNGA) resolution. The ambassadors said that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is a violation of the UN Charter. All UN members including Thailand are asked to “speak up to save our rules-based international order and vote for the UN Resolution”.

“It is about the regional grouping’s decision. We need to keep a balance. But most importantly, we have been concerned about the safety of people in countries involved in the conflict. We also have to ensure Thais in those countries are safe. We also support the peace process to end the conflict and war. [Thailand] We need to tread carefully and act through ASEAN’s mechanisms,” Prime Minister Prayut said.

“We call on all relevant parties to exercise maximum restraint and make utmost efforts to pursue dialogue through all channels, including diplomatic means to contain the situation,” the ASEAN ministers said.

“[ASEAN] We believe that there is still room for a peaceful dialogue to prevent the situation from getting out of control,” they added.

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