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Thailand’s poll body to seek dissolution of Move Forward party

Thailand’s poll body to seek dissolution of Move Forward party

Thailand’s Election Commission wants to shut down the Move Forward party because a court decided that their plan to change a law about speaking negatively about the royal family is against the constitution. The Move Forward party won the last election in Thailand.

Thailand’s Election Commission on Tuesday said it will seek the dissolution of the progressive Move Forward party, which won last year’s general election after a court ruled that the party’s proposal to amend a royal anti-defamation law was unconstitutional.

The commission said that after studying the Constitutional Court’s ruling, its members unanimously agreed to file a case with the court seeking the party’s dissolution because they believe the proposal was an attempt to overthrow Thailand’s constitutional monarchy. It was unclear whether the court will accept the petition.

Parit Wacharasindhu, a spokesperson for Move Forward, said the party’s legal team would “try their best until the last second to prevent the party from being dissolved”. The Move Forward party won a surprise victory in the 2023 general election after campaigning to amend Article 112, which protects the monarchy from criticism.

But the military-installed Senate blocked the party from taking power by refusing to approve then-party leader Pita Limjaroenrat’s nomination as Prime Minister. In the past, the party’s PM nominee Pita Limjaroenrat was barred from assuming charge.

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