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Twitter Tampered With The Map of India

Twitter Tampered With The Map of India

Tampered map of India shown by Twitter

Another arbitrariness of Twitter has come to the fore amid the ongoing conflict with the Indian government. Twitter has tampered with the map of India. Twitter has not shown Jammu and Kashmir as part of India on its website. This is being taken very seriously by the Indian government. According to the information, the government will issue a notice to Twitter against this. At the same time, sources say that the government can take some big step against Twitter regarding this matter.

Months prior to this event, Twitter was said to comply with the changes to the new IT rules for digital media in India, to which they did not comply, and the government sends a final notice to the company.

Map of many countries raised separately but only India’s map is wrong In the pictures that have been printed in the tweet by Twitter, the map of India has been raised separately. Apart from this, maps of many other countries have also been raised but they have not been tampered with. But the map of India has been tampered with. Jammu and Kashmir, which is called ‘Taj of India’ from the map of India, has been shown as a separate country.

The government has taken cognizance of this act of Twitter. According to sources, the government is collecting all the facts regarding this. Like when changes were made to this map, when was this map put on the website. Also, what is the intention behind the change in the map? Who are the people who made this map available to Twitter, who got this map uploaded on Twitter, the government is gathering information about all these aspects. Soon the government will issue a notice to Twitter. According to sources, the government can take big action in this matter.

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that such an act has been done by Twitter. Earlier on November 12, the same was done. At that time Ladakh was said to be a part of China. After a strong reaction towards that government, Twitter had apologized in writing on showing Ladakh as part of China. In this written apology, Twitter had said that such a mistake will not happen in future. But despite this, within seven months, such a step has been taken again by Twitter.

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