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Why Siam Niramit – A Show Not be Missed in Bangkok

Why Siam Niramit – A Show Not be Missed in Bangkok

Siam Niramit show in Bangkok, Thailand - Thai art & culture showcased in a theatrical acts

Every major city or region in the world does have some special venues and events that do reflect an iconic masterpiece in relating to the area and people. And this is what Siam Niramit is to Bangkok, and more importantly to the entire Thailand.

Siam Niramit show in Bangkok, Thailand - performers performing the act.
A theatrical performance at Siam Niramit, Bangkok

What Exactly is Siam Niramit?

In a basic description, Siam Niramit is a magnificent, state-pf-the-art 200-seat theatre located in the centre of Bangkok that has become synonymous with a lavish show and performance devoted to the art and culture of Thailand. Siam Niramit show includes some spectacular performances and live shows, with dancing and even featuring elephants.

Siam Niramit show in Bangkok, Thailand - Theatrical performances are happening
One of the performances showcasing Thai art & Culture at Siam Niramit, Bangkok

Why Siam Niramit show in Bangkok Can’t be Missed?

You are an avid art and culture lover and want to explore much about a certain society, of its past and present. And even if you are not much into cultural history, this show is something that will definitely blow you away simple because of its sheer and extravagant presentation.

There is so much about Siam Niramit shows & performances that puts in a different class of its own:

  1. Siam Niramit is one of the largest stage show productions in the world; open every day throughout the year, all decked in contemporary Thai style. When you visit Siam Niramit, Bangkok, you will definitely be awed the huge demonstration of architecture and events in place, which I assume you wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else.
  2. The show is held on a huge stage, which incidentally holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest proscenium theatre arch – staggering 11.95 metre. This makes Siam Niramit an awe-inspiring sight and makes you wonder the incredible effort the event organisers, and more importantly the performers put in.
  3. There are about 150 plus performers in traditional costumes presenting live performances woven around the past and present Thai life, threading into different aspects of their life. The Siam Niramit show runs for about an hour and a half bringing some amazing spectacle in front of you.
  4. It’s not that there are random performances or a plot that doesn’t sync. The entire show is structured into three acts or phases, as you can call – Journey Back into History, Journey Beyond Imagination: The Three Realms and Journey Through Joyous Festivals
  5. The settings are mystical and historical with an eye-catching blend of colourful and beautiful costumes and sights everywhere inside the theatre. There is a touch of rich Thai cultural and historical touch in every aspect and object. If one has to get a wider experience of Thai life from the past, then this is the one place, and the 90-minute duration best suited to give you the answers amidst a fanfare and pomp of splendour.
  6. The Rtchada Theatre stage is the epitome or core of the activities and performances, covering more than half of the entire theatre space. This panoramic stage is full with monumental pieces, and with a legion of dazzling performances takes you back to Siam of hundreds of years ago, in a truly realistic way.
  7. The theatre hosts 3 traditional Thai restaurants, which brings to you authentic and delightful Thai food. When you are there, remember to get inside the Sawasdee restaurant and try their delicacies, a must-have for every visitor.
  8. There is also a miniature Thai village in the ground level of the theatre that brings you up and close to what Thai life was in bygone times. You will also get a glimpse of Kinnaree sculptures (a popular mythical winged creature of Thai fables), along with small ‘salas’ (gazebos).
  9. Feed the elephants, take photos with them as well as the performers and local people, an experience you won’t get as such anywhere else.
  10. The fact that the Siam Niramit has won several entertainment awards will definitely make you pay a visit here, when you are in Bangkok. And the credit for it all goes to the combined team of event stage planners, designers, the team of performers, and everyone else involved with this venue, in any small to major role.
  11. Not just the main show, but even the pre-show open-air performance with dance, music and cultural presentation is a class in itself, including the ‘ranad’ band (Thai xylophone band). So, you are bound to get betrothed to right from the go.
  12. If you are wondering that Siam Niramit is a kind of educational show and place, and you have to be familiar with Thai culture a bit more, then you are wrong. White it showcases Thai culture, it is more about fascinating visuals, captivating performances, fabulous visuals, mysticism and more which will bind you, without having to put your mind to serious thought.
  13. Apart from food exploration and stage performances, there is a lot more you can explore and get engaged at Siam Niramit, Bangkok – silk making and weaving, Kao Mao (local dessert) making, rice pounding, Batik painting and even Thai massage. And with the presence of souvenir shops there are plentiful options for you to buy an exotic Thai culture related item and take home for your family and friends.
  14. In all, Siam Niramit is an amalgamation of art, culture, history and splendid visuals that will be with you in your memories forever – definitely a colossal show not to be missed at all. You will get to know diligently people in this historically-affluent country used to live and go by their traditions and customs.
Siam Niramit show in Bangkok, Thailand - Theatrical performances showcasing thai culture, and thai art
Elephants performing at one of the acts at Siam Niramit, Bangkok

This spectacular show, capturing the 7-century history of Thailand majestically, seems like a visual novel you are hooked onto. With marvellous structural formation, Monuments, remarkable facilities and a team of professionally profound performers putting in flawless acts, this is one unfailing presentation that will catch you right from your entrance time, up to the time you leave, and way beyond that.

Siam Niramit Location in Bangkok

For all those visiting Thailand, reaching this theatre is easy. Siam Niramit is situated opposite Thailand Cultural Centre on the Tiamruammit Road. And if you are wondering about the entrance fee; then just relax; it is very affordable and very reasonable for the kind of experience you are bound to get inside.

So, make the itinerary including a day-visit to Siam Niramit and the make the most of your visit, capturing this superb presentation yourself.

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