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Yoga: The Infallible Philosophy of Holistic Growth & Development

Yoga: The Infallible Philosophy of Holistic Growth & Development

Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, science of well-being, science of youthfulness, science of integrating body, mind, and soul.”— Amit Ray

It is crucial to acknowledge that yoga transcends religious boundaries and is, in essence, a way of life that guides one on a path of enlightenment. Today, on International Day of Yoga, let’s explore the infallible philosophy encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Lord Shiva revered as the first yogi
Lord Shiva, believed to be the first yogi

Yoga evolved as a constituent of one of the six schools of thought in Indian philosophy. Throughout the ages, the profound yearning of the Indian intellectual community to delve into the ultimate truth of existence came to be symbolised by the six philosophical systems:

  • Vaishesika
  • Nyaya
  • Samkhya
  • Yoga
  • Purna Mimansa
  • Vedanta or Uttara Mimansa

Over the years, these six schools of thought underwent numerous transformations, with various thinkers making significant contributions to their development. Nevertheless, these philosophies remain integral in guiding scholarly discourse within and beyond national borders.

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Yoga–History and Origin

Yoga greatly emphasises well-being, introspection, and being in unison with the natural world. It advocates for the integration of the individual self with the greater universe.

Unlocking your true potential with yoga
Unlocking your true potential with yoga

According to certain beliefs, the origin of this sublime philosophy can be traced to Lord Shiva, revered as the first yogi, who imparted this ethereal wisdom to his seven sages, later known as the Saptarishi.

In the epoch of Indian enlightenment, Sage Patanjali established the discipline of yoga, which subsequently evolved into a comprehensive practice that nurtures the holistic well-being of the individual, spanning the domains of spirituality, mental health, and physical fitness.

Some Undeniable Benefits of Yoga

Yoga-As a Means to Knowledge

Yoga or meditation is a means of acquiring metaphysical knowledge that surpasses human sensory perception. This notion pertains to the Alaukika (extraordinary) method of acquiring knowledge.The rationale behind this approach posits that the exceptional knowledge the human intellect strives for cannot be apprehended through our ordinary sensory faculties but can solely be comprehended by awakening our inner consciousness via yoga.

Attaining true knowledge through yoga
Attaining true knowledge through yoga

The aim of yoga is spiritual emancipation. It postulates that when the spirit (Purusha) is released from the shackles of matter (Prakriti), which are the results of ignorance and illusion, spiritual emancipation (Moksha) is attained.

Yoga creates a bond between the knower  (Pramata) and the knowledge gained  (Pramati).

Yoga–For Physical Well-Being 

Practising yoga regularly has a profound positive impact on your health. It helps you unwind and relax, keeping you unharmed by the chaos you face every day.

With it, you begin understanding your body and boost confidence about your appearance. It guides you towards a healthy lifestyle. It also improves your:

  • Immunity System
  • Cardiovascular Functioning
  • Energy Level
  • Body Balance, Posture, and Bone Health
  • Healthy Sleep Cycle
Yoga for physical well being
Yoga for physical well being

Yoga creates a peaceful aura, helps alleviate blood pressure complications, increases lung capacity, and improves respiratory and heart rates.

Remember that you needn’t meditate for hours and hours to attain inner peace. You can start with simple steps and let it guide you to peace and enlightenment.

Yoga–For Mental Stability

It sharpens your mind, improves intuition, reduces reaction time, and boosts self-confidence. By making your mind aware of who and what you are and how significant you are in the grand scheme of things, yoga is the ultimate defence against low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression.

Practising it systematically and routinely helps you positively navigate your personal and social relationships. By imbibing its practice, you can say “goodbye” to depression and anxiety and embrace a newly found self-confidence.

Yoga- For mental well being
Yoga- For mental well being

It improves your sleep cycle and gives the necessary boost that your body needs to get rid of all the pervasive negativity. It will help you establish a friendlier and more understanding relationship with your co-workers, especially your boss.

The all-encompassing benefits of yoga reverberate across personal and professional domains. It instils a serene composure, fosters self-awareness, and propels one towards an enlightened, purposeful and highly productive lifestyle.

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