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A Sip of Culture: Exploring the Delicious Flavours Local Thai Drinks

A Sip of Culture: Exploring the Delicious Flavours Local Thai Drinks

A Sip of Culture: Exploring the Delicious Flavours Local Thai Drinks

Thailand offers lip-smacking street food and whimsical local drinks. Tourists travel to this alluring land worldwide to experience its dynamic culture, tranquil atmosphere and quenching Thai drinks.

Thailand’s alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages complement its renowned cuisines and culture. From exceptional local ale to popular non-alcoholic beverages, Thai drinks are a treat that makes your tropical adventure memorable.

Various Thai drinks and cocktails result from the sweet amalgamation of domestic and international influences and are as impressive as the country’s.

Did You Know?
The famed multinational energy drink Red Bull traces its origin to a Thai caffeinated drink called Krating Daeng, introduced in 1976 by the pharmacist Chaleo Yoovidhya in Thailand.

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Here Are a Few Remarkable Thai Drinks

Thai Alcoholic Beverages


SangSom, Thai whiskey
SangSom, Thai whiskey

A famous brand of Thai whiskey made from a blend of molasses and grain. Its ingredients are fermented, distilled, and aged in oak barrels for at least three years before being blended and bottled.

The unique fusion of ingredients gives SangSom a smooth and sweet taste that’s perfect for sipping on a hot day. Cola or soda is often added to SangSom, making it a refreshing cocktail.


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Mekhong is a celebrated brand of Thai whiskey made from a blend of molasses and grain, similar to SangSom. However, it has a distinct, slightly sweet and smoky flavour that makes it perfect for mixing classic cocktails such as the Siam Sunray.

Produced by the state-owned Thai Spirit Company since the 1940s, Mekhong is also known as Thailand’s “National Spirit”.

Mekhong has higher alcohol content than most other whiskeys, typically around 35%. The unique blend of ingredients, the manufacturing process, and the National Spirit of Thailand tag make Mekhong a special and must-try drink.

Chang Beer

Chang Beer, brewed to have a unique flavour

Chang Beer is a splendid Thai beer that’s light, crisp and easy to drink. It’s a great option to quench your thirst while exploring the bustling streets of Bangkok.

Produced by ThaiBev and marketed as a “Thai-style” beer and brewed to have a unique flavour profile distinct from other beers.

Chang Beer has a blend of malted barley, rice, and hops and offers a slightly sweet and fruity flavour with a hint of spice.

Its innovative packaging and marketing style has closely associated Chang Beer with the Thai culture. The traditional-looking ceramic bottle with Thai imagery and motifs makes it popular among tourists and locals. It is the go-to souvenir item and is also perfect for sipping on a hot day.

Thai Basil Gimlet

Thai Basil Gimlet, a cocktail made with gin, lime juice, and Thai basil
Thai Basil Gimlet, a cocktail made with gin, lime juice, and Thai basil

A cocktail made with gin, lime juice, and Thai basil for an eccentric and delicious twist on the classic gimlet. Typically, prepared by muddling fresh Thai basil leaves with lime juice and simple syrup to gin and ice.

The classical Basil Gimlet incorporates Thai cuisine’s flavours and showcases the versatility of Thai drinks.

Usually served in a martini glass, garnished with a basil leaf or a lime wheel, Thai Basil Gimlet is a refreshing drink for a hot summer day.

Non Alcoholic Thai Beverages

Cha Yen (Thai Iced Tea) 

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Cha Yenis a must-try pleasant non-alcoholic drink of Thailand. It is made by brewing strong black tea and adding sugar and condensed milk for a sweetening aroma.

Often flavoured with star anise, cinnamon, and tamarind, giving it a contrasting and complex profile. Cha Yen poured in a tall glass filled with ice is just the refreshment you need on your tropical vacation.

Kaafae Yen (Thai Iced Coffee)

Kaafae Yen, Thai Iced Coffee
Kaafae Yen, Thai Iced Coffee

It is another enjoyable non-alcoholic drink in Thailand that is similar to Thai iced tea but made with coffee instead of tea. Brewed with sweetened condensed milk and poured over ice, making it a refreshing and sweet treat.

Leong Cha (Grass Jelly Drink)

Leong Cha, Grass jelly drink
Leong Cha, Grass jelly drink

It is one of Southeast Asia’s most unsought non-alcoholic beverages, predominantly in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Leong Cha is a sweet and herbal drink made from the leaves of the Mesona Chinensis plant, commonly known as “grass jelly”.

For several hours, making a grass jelly drink involves boiling the plant leaves with water and a sweetener, such as rock sugar or brown sugar. After cooling, the mixture solidifies into a jelly-like consistency. Then the chefs cut it into small cubes and serve it in a cold drink, typically with added ingredients such as milk, coconut milk, or syrup.

It also has cooling properties and the ability to provide medicinal benefits such as helping lower blood pressure and improve digestion.

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Thai local drinks

Thailand has a wide variety of delicious and unique drinks and cocktails. From sweet and creamy iced teas to refreshing cocktails and traditional beers, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Next time you’re in Thailand, try a few popular drinks and discover your new favourite.

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