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1.5 million Sinovac vaccines arrive in Bangkok

1.5 million Sinovac vaccines arrive in Bangkok

This morning officials from the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation received another 1.5 million Sinovac vaccines from China for a total of 6 million jabs so far. The containers arrived at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport at about 5:35 am, marking the 8th delivery from Sinovac since Thailand made a deal to secure vaccines from the Chinese manufacturer.

GPO will examine and confirm the shipment before handing the vaccines off to the Department of Medical Sciences for quality control and assurance.once verified, the 1.5 million vaccines will be surrendered to the Department of Disease Control to handle the logistics of allocation and distribution to hospitals, vaccine centres, and medical facilities throughout the country.

Thailand has been receiving regular shipments of Sinovac vaccines since the first arrival of 200,000 jabs on February 24. One month later another 800,000 vaccines were received on March 22 to total 1 million jabs by the end of March. These shipments were followed by an April 10 delivery of 1 million more jabs and an additional 500,000 two weeks later on April 24, ramping up Sinovac vaccine acquisitions to 1.5 million in April.

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