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AA Rahman Defends Will Smith

AA Rahman Defends Will Smith

AA Rahman defends Will Smith in his interview during the Kapil Sharma Show calling him a  “nice person” and a “sweetheart”. The famous Indian singer defended the actor’s actions during the Oscars show.

AR Rahman recently joined the cast of Heropanti 2 to promote on The Kapil Sharma Show. AR Rahman was shown comments below his photo with Will Smith published in 2018 as part of a segment of the show when host Kapil Sharma shows humorous comments on guests’ Instagram photos. Rahman was seen calling Will a “sweetheart” as they all joked about how people discussed Will’s slapgate scandal in the comments section.

Rahman’s words against Will elicited conflicting reactions from Reddit users when a video clip from the show was uploaded online. “He is a darling,” Rahman said when shown a photo of Will. He is a pleasant individual.” “Sometimes such things happen,” he added, implying Will slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars.”

“Great point!” a Reddit user said in response to AR Rahman’s take on Will Smith. However, you shall be demoted to the moon.” Several others sided with Rahman, stating that he had the right to speak his mind.

“A man can have an opinion!” said one person. Will Smith’s supporters aren’t all psychopaths or abusers! We should have the patience to listen to both views without passing judgment…something that today’s ‘enlightened’ world lacks. If you hold an unpopular viewpoint, you will be crucified.” “Fair enough,” said another. “He has the right to his views.”

Many others were also dissatisfied with Will Smith’s performance at the Oscars this year. “I agree with you if you say Will Smith is a terrific guy who just had a bad f***ing day. However, violence can never be the best solution!! “Just keep trying,” one Reddit member advised.

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