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Hair Falling Out After Covid?

Hair Falling Out After Covid?

Hair falling after contracting Covid-19 or due to Stress? Reason & Remedy

For the last two years, Covid-19 has brought huge changes in the lives of people. Everything has changed from the way of working to the way of being healthy. To say it like this that it has changed the whole life of the people, then it will not be wrong. Those people who themselves became victims of Covid-19 or those who took the stress of it, both are facing many problems at their own level. One of the hair fall symptoms can be caused by Covid-19. Apart from other problems, the main reason for hair fall is also stress.

Hair fall due to poor mental health & Stress

Covid-19 has spoiled mental health

Coronavirus may or may not have happened to all, but it has caused a lot of mental damage in a large section of the population. We’re unsure on how many people approached psychologists because of this, and because of so many fears they went on spoiling their health and suffer hair loss.

When we are constantly under fear or stress, two hormones are produced by the endocrine glands, adrenaline and cortisol, and are released in excess. These hormones reach the whole body through the blood and cause damage to every part of the body. Fear hormones are made by the adrenal glands and endocrine glands. Because of these, your ability to think, power and focus is greatly affected.

Mental health deteriorates due to Cortisol hormone

Cortisol is responsible for the fight or flight response in the body, which worsens your mental health. When mental health is not good then the stress is very high. Due to this stress, many types of chemical reactions occur in the body which cause many types of problems which can be a hair fall cause.

When your hair is breaking without any valid reason, then understand that it is stress. Covid has happened and this situation is coming, then hair fall is a side effect of stress due to covid-19.

What are the remedies? Are there any hair fall home treatment?

  • Take a good diet which contains all kinds of nutrients. Eat more fruits and green vegetables.
  • Try to learn meditation and do breathing exercises.
  • Do sit in the light sun in the morning or evening and spend some time in the open air.
  • Learn to express gratitude and don’t worry about every little thing.
  • If the problem is not fixed then go to the expert and try to fix the mental health.
  • To keep stress under control, curb the thinking process and spend time in creative works.
  • Listen to music. Reports suggest that music helps reduce stress.

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