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Bilqis Jahan’s Tomb Opens After 50 years

Bilqis Jahan’s Tomb Opens After 50 years

Tourists will be able to see the 389-year-old Iranian architecture of the tomb of Begum Mumtaz and Shah Jahan’s daughter-in-law, Bilkis Jahan, after 50 years. The tomb was opened . It will be repaired and returned to its old form. Here the Iranian architecture is still captivating everyone.

About 389 years ago, the tomb of Bilkis Jahan was built between the banks of the river Utavali and the river Tapti. Due to its dilapidation, it was closed by the Central Archaeological Department in 1970. Tourism and Archaeological Committee members Kamruddin Falak and Mohammad Naushad had demanded the opening of the tomb. Collector Praveen Singh handed over the matter to ADM Shailendra Solanki.

ADM Solanki discussed with Central Archaeological Assistant Conservator Vipul Meshram. He said that the tomb would be repaired and washed with chemicals. This will return the old form of the tomb. Very soon a pucca road will be built here. This will facilitate the movement of tourists. After 50 years, the Archaeological Department has opened the tomb. The tomb has been constructed in about 600 square feet.

  • The 389-year-old Iranian architecture continues to add attraction to the mausoleum even today.
  • The dome of the tomb is shaped like a melon fruit.

Bilkis Jahan was born in 1616 AD in Ajmer. She was married to Shah Jahan’s son Shah Shuja. She was also known as Begum Shuja. He died in Burhanpur in 1632 AD. His body was buried in it by making a tomb here. The tomb is recorded as a national monument.

This tomb made of Iranian architectural style is still the center of attraction today. Its shape is like a melon. That’s why it is also called Melon Dome. The tomb has attractive colorful carvings. After hundreds of years, it is still attracting everyone like before. After changing the old form of the tomb, it will be a big center of tourism.

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