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Central Pattana Moves Forward into the Future

Central Pattana Moves Forward into the Future

Central Pattana

Central Pattana launches ‘Imagining Better Futures for All’. The largest mall operator in Thailand is investing 120 billion baht in the next five years creating 150,000 jobs. The goal is to reach a sustainable ecosystem and reach net zero by 2050.

Central Pattana has expressed a commitment to better futures and a stance as a place builder who creates spaces for people and the world to commemorate its 40th anniversary.

To achieve sustainability goals, the organization focuses on three tactics. There are three goals: 1) SYNERGY for New Solutions with its retail-led mixed-use business, partners, communities, and other stakeholders; 2) PIONEER for Better Lives to develop new standards for project development based on Green & Well-being concepts, and 3) OPPORTUNITIES with a Purpose to become an organization that develops people and elevates Thailand’s real estate and retail industries.

The company’s five-year business plan for 2022-2026 aims to make a big impact, with investments in new mixed-use projects and revamps of existing projects across over 30 provinces, including 50 shopping centers with new formats and trends, 68 residential projects that will solidify the company’s position as the top developer, 13 office buildings catering to the new lifestyle, and 37 hotels, including a new hotel brand.

It is unveiling a new brand identity for the corporation and its retail complexes around the country, based on local characteristics and distinct modernism created by a famous design firm.

In 2022, the corporation is forming a ‘Business & Digital Transformation’ team with a 450 million investment budget, as well as a ‘Partner Champions’ team that will assure growth by offering end-to-end solutions to partners.

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