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Kodagu or Coorg as it is more commonly known as ; is a small town located in south India in the state of Karnataka. Miles of emerald landscapes, cool breezy weather and the aroma of coffee plantations wafting through the air is what Coorg is all about. Madikeri which is the capital of Coorg is a short flight or a couple of hours drive away from major cities like Bengaluru, Mysore or Hyderabad.

A Sip of Nature

Rich in Indian history, Coorg besides its picturesque pristine countryside has a lot to render to the many travellers who visit the town throughout the year. Museums, forts and ancient building are dotted across the stretch of the city that are is steeped in history, tell stories of its many civilizations and of ancient folklore. The Madikeri fort one such structure  One such structure; the Madikeri Fort was built in the 16th century on a hill top has a resplendent view overlooking the town whilst enlightening the visitors about the exciting tale of the prince who once lived there many decades ago.

Since Coorg has cool breezy weather all year long, it makes for a perfect travel destination if you’re looking for a quick getaway from the hustle bustle of the hot stinging city life. Kick back with a book on a hammock on a lazy evening or simply stroll down the many coffee plantations that form the core of the town. For the coffee connoisseurs no better way to enjoy a cup of joe than in a coffee plantation. Get your hands dirty by picking and grinding your own coffee beans to create your unique blend! Dig into some hot crispy “wadas” (a local delicacy) with your coffee to make your evenings more interesting.

Ever seen one of those national geographic videos where one gets to bathe and feed the elephants in their natural habitats? Well, Coorg furnishes this escapade to the travellers at the Dubare elephant camp. There are over a hundred and fifty elephants housed in this camp and each day the visitors get a chance to spend a day hangout with them. What better can be a better way to connect back with nature than to bathe, feed and have some fun with the elephants?  Pick up some treats for the elephants and spend the afternoon with them to get a taste of the wildlife. rest of the afternoon having a taste of wildlife.

Coorg – Nature and Environment
Coorg – Nature and Environment

Coorg, while still accessible from most of the major metros has managed to retain the calm and quiet of the countryside. A holiday here will allow oneself to reconnect with nature and the environment which we so often overlook in our day to day life. A few days here, away from the city and the work is sure to take all the stress away.

They say the best holidays and moments are those where you forget to take a picture for Instagram. A holiday in Coorg is sure to be full of those moments. Forget the traffic and the city buzz for a few days and enjoy the tranquillity and the calm of Coorg, all while sipping your favourite blend of filter coffee!


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