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Lonar Crater

Lonar Crater

Experience Scenic & Science

If you are a science fiction freak and would like to explore the place where shooting star hit the earth surface around 50,000 years back, then indeed, you need to visit Lonar Crater (National Geo-heritage Monument), Buldana District of Maharashtra, India. The meteorite appears in a hole framed filled with saline lake, makes it a unique and remarkable habitat for many species. Declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary for the conservation of the lake, the place is also surrounded by many stunning ancient temples.

The Origin

Around 52,000 years back, a 2-million-ton meteor that plunged towards Earth, is known to have hit at this place in Lonar. The hyper-speed effect, made a 150-meter down and 1.8-km wide hole, where the saline water body Lonar Lake is presently found. The Lake is Earth’s biggest and just salt-water lake in basaltic shake. It isn’t only a shooting star crash site, but has also activated abundant inquiries – like for what reason is the lake both saline and antacid simultaneously? For what reason doesn’t the compass work here? What is at its base?! Researchers over the world admit that the shooting star is still somewhere down in the cavity.

A Beauty to Delight

This galactic wonder with its thick wilderness is home to rich vegetation. Post the storm season, the lake and its encompassing turns into a treat to the eyes. Various transient flying creatures run at the lake during winter and it ends up probably the best place for feathered creature observing.

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation or MTDC orchestrates guided visits to the pit lake and furthermore gives settlement offices close to it. These visits typically start at 6:30 AM. Land Survey of India has set up a board on the edge of the hole, which peruses, ‘The main hyper-speed normal effect cavity in basaltic shake on the planet’. A short travel through soil street that appear to be well-trodden, takes you to the lake. There are stone advances that lead from the edge of the pit to its base. Surrounded by beautiful temples and sanctuaries, makes the environment look scenic and surreal.

Best Time to Pay Visit

The district gets overwhelming precipitation, so visiting the spot in blustery season is best maintained a strategic distance from. Summers get quite blistering, so in the event that you are intending to go whenever between March to June, it is fitting to begin early and return before the early afternoon. Winter a very long time of November through February are perfect to visit the lake and its encompassing.

Reaching Lonar Crater

  • By Road: Frequent service of state transport buses are available from the bus station of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation.
  • By Train: The nearest railway stations are Partur and Jalna.
  • By Air: Aurangabad airport is about 140 kms away from the lake.

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