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Facts You Didn’t Know About Thai Food

Facts You Didn’t Know About Thai Food

Thai Cuisine

No topic elicits our attention as much as the topic of food. It isn’t easy to contemplate our separation from our favourite cuisines and wonder what if they never existed. Food is essential, and it has always brought people together. J R R Tolkien once said, “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world”, well now that’s something to think about, right?


Thai food is famous worldwide for its unique, exotic, and delectable taste. Tourists worldwide love indulging themselves in delicately prepared, and deliciously served Thai dishes. Every one of us has a favourite dish, some particular cuisine that we turn to at our best and worst. All of us may have differing opinions on each other’s choices. But it is a truth universally acknowledged that any individual who loves food possesses a soft corner for Thai cuisine. The diversity of Thai cuisine is that it packs within itself something for everyone, from sugar and spice to everything nice. 


Every nation has certain unique ingredients that make its food special. Here we unravel certain facts that make Thai- food so unique:


The Distinctive Basil: Basil is a common ingredient in almost every cuisine prepared in Thailand. But this is not your average basil. This spicy-flavoured basil is found only in Southeast Asia and is renowned for its picante touch. 


The Hot Deserts: Thailand is rich in fruits and vegetables, making it easy for Thai cuisine to boast a plethora of delicious fruit-based desserts. They serve their dessert hot, bringing out its unique texture and delicious flavour.


The Shapes of Rice: Rice is an inescapable part of any meal in Thailand. There are numerous ways of preparing rice in Thailand, and Thai people ensure it is present in almost every dish.


Thai-Regional Variants: Travel around Thailand and let your tongue experience the diverse flavours unique to each region. You go around Thailand and will never find the same taste twice. The regional variation in flavours is because, for generations, Thai people have passed down their secret ingredients unique to their locale.


Vegan? No Problem: There is a misconception that every dish in Thailand is nothing but meat modified. Though Thai cuisine is predominantly meat-based, it is also a veggie-loving nation. People of Thailand celebrate a veggie-friendly festival each year to cast away their demons and give way to spiritual cleansing and merit-making.


Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. It is a blend of various ingredients and herbs and has a lot to offer. Thai cuisine is delicious, innovative, healthy, and full of spices. So next time you plan a trip to Thailand, make sure you try the regional variants of Thai cuisine.


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