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Navratri Day 7

Navratri Day 7

The seventh day of Navaratri is committed to Maa Kalratri. Here, Kaal means time and demise and ratri night. Thus, Kalratri implies, the One who is the Death of Kaal. She is the destroyer of ignorance and carries light into the dull. Her appearance is very horrific, dark skin, donkey ride, abundant hair and four hands. On two hands she holds a knife and a light, while on the other two hands are in “giving” and “securing” mudras. Her three eyes radiate like lightning and Her neckband is sparkling like thunder. When She breathes in and breathes out air, flares show up through Her noses. Another name of this goddess is Shubankari which means promising or doing great in Sanskrit, as it is accepted, she generally gives favorable outcomes to her devotees.

The presence of Goddess Kalratri are in many ancient tales.  In the Mahabharata, after the incredible fight finished, Ashwattama sneaks into the Pandava camp during the evening. Wrathful for his dad Drona’s demise, he conflicts with the guidelines of fighting and assaults those dozing. During this he sees Kalaratri, apparently speaking to the detestations of war and what it carries out in man with her grisly perspective. She is depicted as having a dim viewpoint with a ridiculous mouth and bleeding eyes, with red laurels and spread with red unguents, wearing a solitary bit of dark red fabric, holding a noose close by. She comes as an older woman reciting an inauspicious note.

In Skanda Purana, Lord Shiva goes Parvati to help the divine beings as they are threatened by the evil spirit, Durgamasur. Parvati then transforms into Goddess Kalratri, a bewitchingly excellent female to help.

Also, when two evil spirits named Shumbha and Nishumbha attacked devaloka, Indra and Shiva appealed to Parvati to help. She was washing while she heard their supplication so she made another goddess, Chandi (Ambika) to overcome the devils. Shumbha and Nishumbha sent Chanda and Munda to battle for them and on their methodology Goddess Chandi made a dull goddess called Kali or Kalaratri to execute them. On doing so she likewise got the name Chamunda.

At that point, an evil spirit called Raktbija came who had an incredible gift, that for each drop of his blood that contacted earth, another Raktbija would be conceived and soon the combat zone was loaded up with such devils. To put a conclusion to this, Kalaratri drank up the entirety of his blood, keeping the drops from spilling on the Earth and along these lines survived and vanquished him.

Goddess Kalratri instructs the devotees that distress, torment, rot, annihilation and demise are unavoidable and can’t be disregarded. These are the certainties of life and denying them is pointless. She is a destroyer of negative energies, her very viewpoint moves such dread that ghosts, spirits, devils, wicked elements and any type of negative energies flee on her appearance. She is a destroyer of evil and protector of humanity.

Auspicious flower:  Krishankamal
Color of the Day: Grey
Mantra:Om Devi Kalratriyai Namah

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