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How to Fight Premature Aging

How to Fight Premature Aging

There is an acceleration of sagging, wrinkling and blemish formation due to lifestyle and environmental factors such as pollution, poor diet, smoking, physical inactivity, stress and, mainly, unprotected sun exposure, as the free radicals present in these situations cause damage to tissue health. Thus, to prevent premature ageing, and to keep the skin of the face and body firmer and longer hydrated, it is recommended to focus on attitudes such as eating a vegetable rich diet, drinking plenty of fluids, always removing makeup and doing cleansing and treatment of your Skin.

Symptoms Indicating Skin Aging

Aging is a natural process. However there are some signs and symptoms that indicate that the skin is aging earlier than it should.

Dark Spots: are caused due to excessive sun exposure, and without protection, as UV rays are aggressive to the skin, or also due to hormonal changes in pregnant or elderly women which stimulate pigmentation.

Excessive Sagging: Early aging makes the skin thinner and firmer due to lack of hydration and loss of its fat layer, making it lacklustre and vitality.

Presence of Dark Circles: The area around the eyes suffers greatly from the effect of aging. So intense or worsening dark circles can be a sign that the skin is unhealthy.

How to Fight Premature Aging?

Harmful habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, stress, and lack of rest have been shown to impair the appearance of the skin. To counteract the action of free radicals on the skin by preventing premature aging, it is important to focus on attitudes such as:

Use Sunscreen Daily

The use of sunscreen, preferably with SPF 30 or more is fundamental to protect the skin from the action of UV rays, avoiding not only aging, but the formation of skin cancer. Ideally, choose an ideal filter for each skin type, whether oily or dry, to prevent other unwanted effects such as acne formation.

Do Skin Cleansing

Daily cleansing of the face with specific products such as soaps and lotions helps keep the skin soft and invigorated. It is also very important to always remove makeup after use, especially before bed, with cleansers and washing with soap and water. This is very important to prevent dryness and damage caused by the accumulation of products on the skin.

Consume Antioxidant Foods

Care with food is fundamental to allow the skin to be young, and glow more naturally. You must intake food which have antioxidant nutrient such as vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, etc. Vegetables such as carrots, beets, grapes, tomatoes, apricots, papaya and eggplants are also suggested. Not only to reduce skin aging, but also to maintain a healthier body.

Do Skin Treatments

Dermatologist-oriented skin treatment techniques are great ways to not only combat the signs of aging, but help to give your appearance a beauty and younger look, as they can reduce fine lines and eliminate blemishes. Radiofrequency, pulsed light, carboxyl-therapy, chemical peeling, micro-coagulation, or acid treatments are some of the main recommended treatments.

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