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India’s Unemployment Rate further rises to 6.5%

India’s Unemployment Rate further rises to 6.5%

India’s Unemployment

India’s unemployment has been a problem since the mid-2000 however it resurfaced recently. The media spotlight returns to loud demonstrations and political speeches. Hundreds of millions of highly educated youths are either poorly employed or unemployed. Most of them struggle to secure a government job.

Research conducted by the BBC on 18–35-year-old living in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand states sheds light on their plight. The report shows the social issues they encounter for being unemployed. The pressure of their responsibility to their family increases. The lack of money breeds disrespects in their ability as well as issues in their marriages.

The lack of permanent jobs leads to questions regarding their ability to have a family. This makes them angry about the time they invested in education programs. Their continuous search for jobs and often disappointment in finding one discourage them further.

Now that India’s youth also begin to have a family of their own, their children are often struggling to understand the gap. There seems to be a huge market for jobs but why is it a struggle to get one. Many are now more cautious to choose a new course of action in their studies. They are wanting to explore options that are unavailable to the old market. Among the examples is the EV industry, Digital Solutions, or even IT programming. These courses were previously unavailable to the older generations.

In the next few years, India is planning to create six million jobs in the next five years. No details on which industry but in recent reports, India is looking at the EV market. They are aiming to be a hub of electric vehicle production. This is a new industry that is not available to any generation. Joining courses on these could greatly increase one’s chance of employment.

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