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Kingdom of Dreams, India

Kingdom of Dreams, India

Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon, Indo thai News Travel & Culture
A One-Stop Leisure Destination to Experience the True Culture of India

India is a developing country where tourism and entertainment avenues have been developing over the last few decades. As Indians, as we started to enjoy leisure parks and entertainment zones, aside from festivals (One great festival is Chhatt Puja) more and more such centers were established. I think a key example of this development in India is the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon adjoining Delhi. I believe that this is India’s first theatre, leisure entertainment, and live entertainment destination. It is popular with locals in Delhi and Gurgaon and also popular with tourists visiting this region from India and from all over the world. This entertainment destination was inaugurated in 2010 and has since become a major attraction in Gurgaon over the last decade and a place that I found worth visiting. Kingdom of Dreams is located in Gurgaon over a spread of 6 acres of land and there are many fun attractions at these leisure destinations.

Performer staging an act in Kingdom of dreams in gurgaon
The Kingdom of Dreams – A Truly Indian Experience

This is a beautiful and truly authentic Indian leisure travel destination in India. I found it to be a one-stop destination to witness the different diverse cultures within India. Sampling the various cuisines of India and even getting a look at the famous Bollywood movies and musicals was a major attraction for me. It was like visiting a destination as a leisure and entertainment zone and getting a one-stop location to see a mini version of India. I would recommend the Kingdom of Dreams as a perfect weekend getaway destination in Gurgaon. The entire leisure destination is designed in such a way that it showcases the history and the culture of India. The following are some of the main attractions I found interesting at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon:

Nautanki Mahal

The main tourist attractions I saw in the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon, is the Nautanki Mahal. This is a grand auditorium that has been designed like a grand palace. It regularly showcases original productions, musicals, and top Indian and international plays and musicals. I believe this is an interesting place to visit at Kingdom of Dreams as it provides a cinematic theatre experience for the audiences. The productions usually feature Indian culture, Bollywood, and I noticed that they are usually based on brilliant plots and stories. I was told that Nautanki theatre has productions that showcase world classical theatre, musical plays and Indian songs, and dance productions. I would recommend Zangoora – The Gypsy Prince, which is a play staged at Nautanki Mahal as it is an original live Bollywood Musical play that is performed here. I liked visiting the auditorium as it was palatial and also had a Maharaja Lounge which provided wonderful snacks and drinks during play intervals.

Culture gully in Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon. Experience food & culture from all across india
Showshaa Theatre

I was very excited to visit the Showshaa Theatre at the Kingdom of Dreams. This is a one of a kind multi-dimensional space that uses many theatrical modern types of equipment and special effects to create cinematic events and productions. The audiences have an option of retractable chairs, theatre-style seats and even round table setups that can seat 6 people at each table. This is a spectacular setting for an acrobatic sound and light show with special effects and beautiful productions which are regularly performed here. I like the technological brilliance as it has an advanced light and sound system. The Big Fly Entry at the beginning of the show itself set the stage for an epic display and it was truly a great tourist attraction at the Kingdom of Dreams. I enjoyed the spectacular display of revolving stages, projection screens and especially aerial technology which was breathtaking.

Culture Gully

India is a beautiful but extremely large country and it is difficult for tourists to travel the length and breadth of the country. I liked how Culture Gully at the Kingdom of Dreams has become a one-stop destination to see the culture and sample the cuisines of different regions of India. It is an air-conditioned indoor “Street of India” which means that it is filled with pavilions that display the culture and architecture of different states in India. I liked exploring every pavilion dedicated to different states of India and the Culture Gully is truly a vibrant depiction of Indian culture at the Kingdom of Dreams. It is a great shopping destination as well because authentic Indian souvenirs and handicrafts can be bought at Culture Gully.

I loved the themed restaurants that offer authentic cuisines from all over India, the beautiful arts and crafts villages of India, and the ethnic jewelry and ethnic home décor store. It is a great place to visit as I even enjoyed visiting the Mystic Center and the India Tea House and Library. There is a coffee shop and also many restaurants that offer Asian cuisine at Culture Gully. Indian Culture is on full display at the Culture Gully and the Carnival of Indian Folk Art and Dance which takes place here every day is something worth watching especially for tourists.

IIFA Buzz Cafe

International Indian Film Academy or IIFA Awards are very popular and seen throughout the world by Bollywood lovers all over the world. I am a Bollywood fan, a Hindi film lover and for me visiting the IIFA Buzz Café at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon was a remarkable experience. This place gives visitors a complete Bollywood experience. The café showcases thematic décor, props, music from the best films and also has special effects that make it a true Bollywood experience. The IIFA Buzz café in Kingdom of Dreams has been decorated using large Bollywood film posters, famous records, and memorabilia from celebrities and movies in Bollywood. This was a beautiful experience for me and many film enthusiasts found the IIFA buzz café extremely charming experience.

As mentioned above, the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon was unique and once in a lifetime experience for me as tourists. There is something for everybody at this special leisure tourism destination in Gurgaon. It is a great place to visit near Delhi and is as popular with domestic and foreign tourists as it is with locals in Delhi and Gurgaon.

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