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Loy Krathong: Float A Lantern and Make a Wish In 2019 At This Enchanting Thai Light Festival!

Loy Krathong: Float A Lantern and Make a Wish In 2019 At This Enchanting Thai Light Festival!

Thailand is a land where every day is a ceremony and spirits live in the celebration of festivities. Doesn’t have to be a new year the Thai people are passionate towards every celebration with high enthusiasm and energy. Speaking about that, if you’re intending to visit Thailand in November, the greatest festival of the year anticipates you.

The sky is always bursting of flickering, swaying lights, and the mood gets vibrant. Smiles cast across every person’s face as they lift their necks to look upwards at the gleaming dots drifting higher. The Loy Krathong or the Thai Light Festival is one of the most prominent festivals of the year after the Thai New Year celebration. With the night sky covered with fine lit lanterns and Krathongs floating on the water, every edge of Thailand brims with happiness and vibrancy of the festival. Scroll down to know everything about this Thai Light Festival and become a part of the most scenic celebration of Thailand.

You can enjoy meeting a bunch of people who come here with their friends and families from all across the globe who come together to see this enchanting show. A silence settled above the centre of Chiang Mai as we waited in stillness and revelled in our new beginnings.

This is the Loi Krathong Lantern Festival in Thailand that is just around the corner, taking place this Monday, 11th November. You’ll be in awe of the city before even arriving in Thailand. I tell anyone and everyone how incredible it is to be a part of something so unique, something that only happens around once a year and keeps so much enthusiasm in Thai culture.

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