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Navratri Day 4

Navratri Day 4

Maa Kushmanda, another Avatar of Goddess Durga, is adored on the fourth day of Navratri.

Kushmanda is the fourth appearance of Goddess Durga and is known for her capacity and ability to live inside the sun. Her name, Kushmanda, implies Ku= a bit, ushma= warmth and anda= the cosmic egg. The Goddess is extremely cheerful in this sign. It is accepted that when the universe didn’t exist, there was finished haziness all over the place. At that point the Goddess grinned and obscurity was disposed of. Thus, Devi Kushmanda is accepted to have made this universe with her heavenly smile. Since she made the universe, she is called Adiswarup and Adishakti.

It is accepted that Goddess Durga lives in the focal point of the sun thus she spreads the energy to the universe. Subsequently, this symbol of hers is known as Goddess Kushmanda which is accepted to has recuperating powers. Individuals love Mother Kushmanda offering blossoms, products of the soil and solicitation for good wellbeing and endowments for themselves and their friends and family.

She has eights hands in which she holds Kamandal, bow, bolt, a container of nectar (Amrit), disk, mace and a lotus, and in one hand she holds a rosary which favors her devotes with the Ashtasiddhis and Navniddhis. Since she has eight arms, she is also known as Ashtabhuja. She has a brilliant face and brilliant body composition.

Auspicious flower:  Jasmine
Color of the Day: Royal Blue
Mantra: ‘Om Devi Kushmandayai Namah’

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