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Mysteries of Kangchenjunga

Mysteries of Kangchenjunga

Mysteries Of Kangchenjunga

There are many beautiful places in the world, where people go to visit. Every year people go to many new places, and come back from there with many good memories. But do you know that there are many such places in the world, which are full of mysteries? Do you know about the secrets of Kangchenjunga, the peak of the Himalayas?

The name is made up of so many words
Even though we think Kangchenjunga as a name, but it is made up of four words. In this, Kang means snow, Chen means big, Ijo means treasure body means five. This is a Tibetan word and it means five treasures buried in the snow. It is believed that every treasure is kept at the door of God.

No one goes to the top
Joe Brown and George Band. Both of them were such men who climbed Kangchenjunga on 25 May 1955. Both of them had promised the local residents that they would not climb the top of the mountain. It is believed that the Gods reside on the top of Kangchenjunga. That’s why nobody goes there.

It is said that till date no climber has been able to stand on its peak. However, 200 climbers tried to get too close to it, some of whom were killed in the same attempt. That’s why one stops only a few feet away from the Kangchenjunga peak.

People disappear
It is said that many people have also disappeared here. A Tibetan monk named Tulshuk Lingpa along with 12 of his companions set out on this peak in search of a new path. He is going on reciting the mantra aloud. People believe that after this he disappeared somewhere. At the same time, some people say that he became a victim of an avalanche.

Dead bodies not found
It is also said that the bodies of those who died on Kangchenjunga till date have not been found. In 1992, a Polish mountaineer Wand tried to climb Kangchenjunga. She wanted to be the first woman to climb all the 14 peaks of the Himalayas, but she suddenly disappeared and her body was not found till date.

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