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Phuket Restaurants Can Serve Alcohol from October 1

Phuket Restaurants Can Serve Alcohol from October 1

In view of the decline in Corona cases in Thailand, all places are being opened gradually. Similarly, in Phuket, under the sandbox scheme, CCSA has given permission to allow selling and serving of liquor in restaurants from October 1. Phuket Governor Narong Woonsyu said PM Prayut Chan-o-cha led an online meeting of the CCSA, where the proposal was first made. Thailand has imposed a national ban on the consumption of alcohol in groups and businesses. months, with the most recent crackdown on violators, but the rule would only apply to Phuket.

However, the order will not apply to nightlife entertainment venues like bars, nightclubs, pubs and karaoke. This allows beer and wine to be sold in the restaurant and allows patrons to drink there. This rule applies to open air restaurants and air-conditioned restaurants as long as the health and safety measures outlined by the Phuket Communicable Diseases Committee are followed.

Some rules have also been made for this, every employee will need to be fully immunized along with weekly tests for Kovid-19. Restaurants are required to check proof of vaccination and an ID before allowing entry.

Tables spaced 1 meter apart and only 4 to 6 people per table will be allowed to operate at 50% capacity.

Open-air dining will be less restrictive, allowed to open at 75% capacity. The order would also allow live music, but limit soloists, duets or trios, with everyone except singers required to wear masks or face shields, and performance areas 2 meters from tables. Artists will not be allowed to mingle and socialize with customers.

Whenever a staff member is infected with Kovid-19, the restaurant will be closed for a week, while the business will have to close for 3 days if any customer is exposed to the infection. These closed restrictions were said to be subject to change.

According to Phuket Governor Narong Woonsyu, PM Prayut Chan-o-cha on Monday led an online meeting of the CCSA, where the proposal was first made. With the order issued this morning, the PCDC convened a meeting in Phuket to discuss all the guidelines before issuing the final order to take effect on October 1.

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