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PM Modi To Address Grand Finale Of Toycathon 2021

PM Modi To Address Grand Finale Of Toycathon 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the participants of Toycathon-2021 through video conferencing. After this, now PM Modi addressed him. PM Modi said, if a child’s first school is family, then first book and first friend, these are toys. The first communication of the child with the society takes place through these toys.

PM Modi further said, “Global toy market is about 100 billion dollars. India’s share in this is only around one and a half billion dollars. Today we also import about 80 percent of our toys. That is, crores of the country’s money is on them. Money is running out. It is very important to change this situation.”

Most of the online or digital games that are available in the market today are not Indian in concept. You also know that the concepts of many games in this either promote violence or cause mental stress.

Today the world wants to understand the present potential of India, the art-culture of India, the society of India in a better way. Our toys and games industry can play a huge role in this.

Our focus should also be on creating such toys and games, which tell our young generation every aspect of Indianness in an interesting way. We have to make sure that our toys and games also entertain and educate.

Let us tell you, the objective of this event is to invite new ideas for innovative toys and games by crowd-sourced. Toycathon is jointly organized by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Ministry of MSME, DPIIT, Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and AICTE. Toycathon, the domestic market of India as well as the global toy market offers a huge opportunity for our manufacturing sector. Toycathon-2021 aims to promote the toy industry in India, so that India can become a leader in the wider share of the toy market.

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