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Refugees fleeing Myanmar violence find refuge in Thailand

Refugees fleeing Myanmar violence find refuge in Thailand

For the Myanmar people undergoing rebellion and demonstrations in the wake of the coup, the Thai military has established a “safe zone” for thousands of refugees at Mae Hong Son, near the Salven River, between Thailand and Myanmar.

  The main armed wing of the Karen National Union openly supported the anti-coup movement in Myanmar, which led to a clash with the legion.

  Ministry of Defense spokesman Kongchep Tantravnich said shelter and humanitarian aid are being provided to the approximately 2,200 people who fled to Myanmar.

 The people of the Salwen River Basin Network asked the Thai government not to push the refugees back, claiming that Thai troops were ordered to return the refugees back to their homes due to the potential negative impact.  They say that the Myanmar army is carrying out airstrikes on the Karen Army bases and many Karen villagers fear for their safety.

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