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Samadhi: The Eighth Branch of Yoga (Int’I Yoga Day)

Samadhi: The Eighth Branch of Yoga (Int’I Yoga Day)

Finally, the last limb of Ashtang yoga is Samadhi.It is the state of self realisation, enlightenment or bliss. Samadhi is reward of long practice of Meditation.

As defined in sage Patanjali’s ‘Yoga-Sutra’, term Samadhi is derived from Sanskrit Words Sam and dhe .Hare sam meaning is ‘together’ , and dhe means ‘put or keep’. it means keeping everything together. whatever a practitioner learned stepwise individually and universally, unites here. This is the ultimate stage of yoga which can only be attained by honest continuous efforts, being true to yourself, by relaxation only.

Many yoga specialists stated that if a mind can hold its concentration on one object for at least 12 or more breaths, without being distracted by any outer mean, can achieved a state of meditation. After all Samadhi is advance stage of concentration.

Attaining the ultimate state of yoga that is Samadhi is a long, rigorous, well researched subject from the centuries.Here we’ll try to understand how a practitioner can achieve this ultimate bliss by following distinct steps-

  • First level of Samadhi is where you are quiet, preparing yourself for meditation still connected to outside world but trying to control all the disturbances of your mind and surroundings. If some activity happens, you use your senses or knowledge to tackle, that is the Samprajnata Samadhi.
  • Second stage is Asamprajnata Samadhi. now you are more connected to yourself. With such a concentration, any kind of disturbance from the outer world not be able to distract you.
  • third level the state of Savitark samadhi, where your mind started transform your thoughts with awareness and decide how important they are to keep with in. You can consider this step as the cleansing of mental space.
  • Moving ahead , this is the stage where you you have good control over ideas, dialogues, emotions and vision.This is known as Nirvitarka Samadhi.As you to attained this step,you are having a clear vision towards your ultimate goal.
  • As the practitioner moves further, level of devotion and practice get condensed.Savichara Samadhi is a state where mind started being free although available to thought but being rigid to respond.
  • Nirvichar Samadhi , where You stepped in the divine word of internal bliss. The very first time you realise what is exactly the one point concentration.
  • When the state of meditation can go for hours comfortably is turn in to Sadhana. When your mind and breath are getting instrumental with each other, this level is called the Sananda samadhi.
  • At the Asmita Samadhi level, the devine experience of meditation is beyond explanation .Here Samadhi becomes subtler, very close to its destination.
  • The Nirbija samadhi,also referred as Nirvikalpa Samadhi is very difficult to attain. its the state of empty consciousness, perfect purity of mind , surrending from each and every kind of attachment; only self awareness is present between you and universe.
  • This last step is not the end but start of a beautiful journey.The final stage is Kaivalya Samadhi where the practitioner can feel the joy of knowing himself , realise that he is not only a part of universe but also a part of divine flame.

Samadhi is all about being aware with the essence of every object; either you, your inner self or the universe.Samadhi is also considered as the epitome of all spiritual, mental and intellectual activity and also believed as a confirm tool to attain ‘Moksh’.

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