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“Save your sons from the war”

“Save your sons from the war”

“Save your sons from the war”, a message to the Russians from President Volodymyr Zelensky. He added that Ukraine never threatened Russia. He added that the Russian propaganda “lies about the war, which is paid for by your taxes.”

Ukrainians are only defending their land and trying to bring back peace.

“Not to yours — to our land. To our people. We are doing everything to end this war. And when we succeed, it will certainly happen, you will be sure of at least one thing: your children will no longer be sent to die on our land, on our territory,” he said.

The Ukrainian President said Russia’s original plan “already failed” in the first two days of the invasion but Russia is still “getting manpower from everywhere.”

“Equipment. Air bombs, missiles. Looking for mercenaries around the world. Any scum capable of shooting at civilians,” Zelensky said.

“Russian troops destroy our cities. Kill civilians indiscriminately. Rape women. Abduct children. Shoot at refugees. Capture humanitarian convoys. They are engaged in looting. They burn museums, blow up schools and hospitals. The target for them is universities, residential neighborhoods … Anything! Russian troops do not know the limits of evil.”

Zelensky also asked politicians attending the NATO Summit, EU Summit, and G7 Summit to support Ukraine.

“At these three summits we will see who is a friend, who is a partner, and who betrayed us for money,” he said.

The President repeated his requests for a no-fly zone over Ukraine, saying the Ukrainian sky has not been made safe from Russian bombs and Kyiv has not received aircraft, modern anti-missile weapons, or tanks.

The war continues to ravage Ukraine and Ukrainian forces push back the Russian aggressors. They are successfully defending Kyiv as Russia appeared to have been stalled in encircling the city.

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