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Siam Villa Suvarnabhumi – Tackling the New Normal of the Hotel Industry

Siam Villa Suvarnabhumi – Tackling the New Normal of the Hotel Industry

Travelling has been a challenge lately with the challenges posed by the pandemic. As a result of tackling the COVID-19 crisis, many have turned to online services. The change to a digital environment along with the general measures in place to contain the virus has led to what we call “new normal”. The norm changed to regularly wearing masks, social distancing, and digitalization of most activities.

The one thing that can never be digital would be to travel. Traveling is an experience that can only be achieved by physical means. Even a virtual reality environment cannot replicate the experience.

How can we travel at this time? How do we ensure our safety?

Travel Bubble

One of the ways to ensure safety is creating travel bubbles. These are designated areas where measures are in place to ensure safety. We have recently discovered a hidden oasis just 10 minutes away from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Just a few kilometers from the airport, you will find a 9-acre compound that is decorated with a natural water reservoir combined with modern wellness architecture. The villa contains 4 restaurants, a café, a convenience store, a boutique shop, and a spa center. Within the villa are four gardens, 2 water reservoirs, an organic farm, and an outdoor swimming pool. Can you believe you have access to all of it in one place?

The private villa is offered to anyone who wishes to experience a workcation. Enjoy amenities like a spa center, a gym, and a karaoke room. Their restaurants range from authentic Thai cuisines to Japanese food to European meals. The café brews fresh coffee and serves alcohol-infused drinks that are unique to its brand. You can chill and feel safe with the services they offer.

In case you do not want to miss the cultural aspect of your vacation, no worries! Siam Villa Suvarnabhumi is a cultural heritage hotel. All the displays represent the real Thai culture from the Sukhothai Period, to the Kingdom of Ayutthaya and even the Rattanakosin Period. You can learn about the history of the Kingdom within the hotel. You may visit the Hall of Kings showing the Kingdom’s great rulers.

OmniChannel Events

Siam Villa Suvarnabhumi also introduces hybrid events. They can provide you with an event space that can accommodate up to 600 people. The offline events are hosted with extreme covid precautions in place. In case you have attendees that missed the offline event, no worries! They will also host the online event providing your attendees live streaming of the event or a record of the event you can post online anytime!

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