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Soaked Gram Makes the Body Strong

Soaked Gram Makes the Body Strong

Chana is considered very beneficial for health. It is considered an excellent source of protein. By consuming it daily, there will never be a shortage of protein in the body. Apart from protein, gram is also rich in nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, fiber and calcium. It not only makes the body healthy and strong, but also helps in removing many types of diseases. It also helps in sharpening the mind and is also considered beneficial for the skin and hair. Although there are many ways to eat gram, some people like to eat it after roasting, some by boiling, frying or as a vegetable, but soaked or sprouted gram is considered more beneficial. Experts say that if jaggery is consumed along with soaked gram, then tremendous benefits can be found.

Experts say that if someone is deficient in iron or hemoglobin, then he must consume gram, because it is rich in iron. Jaggery is also rich in iron, which helps to overcome the problem of anemia.

Helps in increasing immunity
Consuming soaked gram also helps in increasing immunity and reducing cholesterol. Jaggery also has the same benefits. Jaggery also boosts the immune system and helps prevent various diseases. That’s why many people consume both gram and jaggery together, so that the benefits are also doubled.

Is also beneficial for the stomach
Soaked gram is also considered beneficial for the stomach, as it contains a good amount of fiber. Consuming it regularly helps to overcome problems related to digestion, such as constipation etc. and the digestive system remains fine. Eating jaggery also improves digestion. In such a situation, consuming both together can give double benefits.

Right time and way to eat soaked gram and jaggery
Consuming soaked gram on an empty stomach in the morning is more beneficial for health. First of all, put a handful of gram in a glass of water and keep it to soak overnight. In the morning, take out the gram from the water and eat it by mixing jaggery with it. Keep in mind that both the soaked gram and jaggery have to be chewed thoroughly, so that there is no problem in digestion.

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