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Stressed? 10 Ways to Protect Your Kidneys

Stressed? 10 Ways to Protect Your Kidneys

When channelled properly, stress can serve as a positive motivator for handling life’s challenges. However, too much or constant stress can take its toll on your health. 

Physical responses to stress include faster breathing and heart rate, a spike in blood pressure, dilated pupils, tense muscles and increased levels of fats and sugars in the bloodstream. This helps the body deal with immediate dangers and crises, but over time can contribute to health problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, and place you at increased risk for kidney disease. 

If you already have heart or kidney disease, then the body’s reactions to stress can become more dangerous. While it is very difficult to completely get rid of stress, here are 10 ways to reduce stress, protect your kidneys and maintain your overall health:

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