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Thailand Songkran Updates – Day 6 Results in 241 Additional Accidents

Thailand Songkran Updates – Day 6 Results in 241 Additional Accidents

Day 6 Songkran Updates

Thailand Songkran updates – day 6 results in 241 additional accidents resulting in 246 injured and 28 deaths. Day 6 concluded on Saturday, marking the second to the last day of the seven dangerous days. The total is now at 1,720 accidents resulting in 1,696 injured and 237 killed.

Interior Ministry’s deputy permanent secretary, Nirat Pongsithithavorn said the figures were reported by the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and concerned agencies.

Based on the data reported, the main cause of the accidents is speeding at 41.49% and drunk driving at 25.31%. In addition, out of the 1,720 accidents, motorcycles account for 84.34% and pick-up trucks for 6.43%. The report added that the accidents commonly peat from 6:01 PM – 7:00 PM with an average of 10.37% of the total accidents.

Most of the accidents have been reported from Highway Department roads at 38.59% followed by village roads at 38.17%. It is also noted that most of the accidents occurred on straight roads with an average of 80.91%.

Chiang Rai recorded the most accidents at 11 and deaths at 3 and Lampang with the most injuries at 11.

A total of 56,324 officials were deployed to man 1,900 checkpoints across the country. 410,818 vehicles were pulled over for safety checks and 70,180 drivers were charged. 19,264 of those charged were due to not wearing a helmet while 18,388 were not carrying a driver’s license.

The final record of the seven dangerous days will be disclosed in the next few days. Sunday marks the last day of the seven dangerous days and is also expected to record the most accidents. This is partly due to the massive number of people returning to work on Monday.

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