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Thailand Tourism is Waiting for Indians on Diwali

Thailand Tourism is Waiting for Indians on Diwali

The population of Thailand is around 70 million. Every year about 40 million tourists from all over the world reach here. Indians are at third place among those who reached Thailand. At the same time, China is on the first and Malaysia is on the second. But during the Corona period, Thailand is yearning for foreign tourists. This can be gauged from the fact that only 73,932 foreign tourists have arrived here in the last 8 months. Moreover, Thailand has cut its tourist arrival forecast this year from 5 lakh to 2.80 lakh.

Amidst all this, Thailand is going to admit foreign tourists after 18 months from November 1. The special thing is that he is giving priority to Indians except China and Malaysia. Thai Tourism Council vice-president Somsong Sichphimukh said- ‘We are planning to open tourist centers from November 1. Diwali can be a great occasion for this. Because after Diwali, Indians will start arriving for roaming. Indians have a lot of spending power.

A big role in reviving the tourism economy
Indian tourists can play a big role in reviving our tourism economy. can do. Apart from this, 10 million baht to 120 million (Rs 2.20 crore to 26.30 crore) can be spent for destination wedding. According to Somsong, Chinese tourists are not expected to arrive this year in view of Corona.

Rs 17,500 crore revenue from 20 lakh Indians
In 2019, 40 million tourists from all over the world had arrived. 4.44 lakh crore to Thailand from this. revenue was received. 17,548 crore from about 20 lakh Indians. revenue was received. Somsong says that Thailand was going through the worst phase of the Corona period for the last 18 months. During this, 30 lakh jobs related to the tourism sector were lost. But Indians will act as boosters in our tourism industry.

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