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Thailand’s Food Trends in 2022

Thailand’s Food Trends in 2022

Thailand's Food Trends in 2022

Thai cuisine has always been a hit with tourists from around the world. Popular Thai dishes are usually seasoned with sour, sweet, and spicy flavors. According to a recent study, Thai food culture is shifting toward plant-based, sustainable, and healthy foods after the pandemic. The trend was observed at THAIFEX-ANUGA ASIA 2022.

The top Thai dishes preferred by both local and tourists are Tom Yum Goong (the spicy shrimp soup), Laab (spicy salad), refreshing tangy Som Tam (Spicy green papaya salad) and the most popular Pad Thai noodles.

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A survey by the Thai Health Promotion Foundation indicated that 84% of Thais prefer chemical-free food, while 82% prefer clean-label food that does not contain chemicals or additives.

In response to people’s desire to eat healthier, food and drink manufacturers in Thailand have released new products aimed at enhancing health and wellness. Chalat predictions that healthy snacks like low-carb crispy cereals and low-sugar crispy rice treats will make a comeback. Hot and spicy flavors like tom yum will land itself well in many popular treats and snacks.

Furthermore, healthy eating is also driving the popularity of food and beverage products based on fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and herbs. In Thai culture, healthy foods made from plants are associated with good health.

Sustainable consumption has been a growing trend in Thailand. Recent studies have pointed out the increasing number of new products carrying sustainability-related claims. As quoted in an article by Figlobal

To target single-person households and small families (another growing trend in Thai society), brands are creating smaller, portion-controlled packages.

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