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The 2022 UbonRatchathani Candle Festival is set to amaze visitors

The 2022 UbonRatchathani Candle Festival is set to amaze visitors

UbonRatchathani Candle Festival will take place from 11-17 July 2022. It is one of the most well-known festivals of the year. It is held every year in UbonRatchathani, about 500 km north of Bangkok. The festival lasts for one month, during which sculptors from various nations sculpt stunning sculptures.

Awe-inspiring sculptures, objects, and structures crafted from candles will leave you speechless at the Candle Festival. This is one of Thailand’s religious festivals commemorating the beginning of Buddhist Lent. It was customary for the townspeople to offer candles to monks to receive blessings.

Thailand’s Candle Festival is the result of the transformation of traditional candles into beautiful art pieces over time. The wax-covered candles are sculpted from wood and feature elaborate designs. Sculpted candles often depict mythological figures and are carved by artists from around the world.

UbonRatchathani province offers the best view of the candle festival, even though it is celebrated nationwide. These candle structures are paraded through the streets on floats all the way up to the temples. While the procession is in progress, you can enjoy some street food while hearing the bands play and watching the dancers perform. In the evening, when the cities are illuminated by candlelight, the candle festival presents an unusual sight.

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