The third wave of covid-19 will not come if strict steps are taken

Vijay Raghavan, Principal Scientific Advisor to the government, says that if we take strong measures, it may be that the third wave of Corona may or may not come everywhere. A lot depends on how effectively the guidelines apply at the local level, in states, in districts and in cities. He was speaking at a press conference on Friday.

Raghavan on Wednesday warned of a third wave in the country. He said that a third wave of corona will also come. Virus infection is at its highest level. It is not yet decided when the third wave will come and how dangerous it will be, but we have to be ready for the new wave.

At the same time, Aarti Ahuja, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Health said that according to the Ministry of Health, new cases of corona are increasing in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Haryana, Orissa and Uttarakhand.
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