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Tips for Cancer Survivors to Stay Healthy

Tips for Cancer Survivors to Stay Healthy

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain. Every fifth person in this world is having Cancer. There are many myths about do’s and do not associated with living a healthy life for cancer survivors. Come let’s unwind simple tips for cancer survivors to stay healthy.

Maintain a Healthy Weight:

Weight is the most important factor when it comes to post cancer life. For maintaining a healthy weight two aspects should be kept in mind. The first is eating healthy and the second is engaging in physical activity. Both weight gain and weight loss are to be checked. A cancer survivor should jot down the fluctuations in weight and should always report these fluctuations to health care provider so that necessary action can be taken at the earliest.

Eat Healthy food:

While healthy food is the key to healthy life in general, it is the most essential requirement for a good health for cancer survivor in particular. One should eat a balanced diet that contains a good serving of seasonal and fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating local food that are native to your place is recommended. Processed food, red meat and food rich in fat, salt and sugar should be avoided at all costs. Lean and white meat, whole and unpolished grains should be taken in good quantity. Munching on pre – packed and ready to eat snacks should be stopped by all means. Fizzy drinks and soda drinks should not be taken by cancer survivors. There are days when one has craving for prohibited food and it is natural. In such scenario, one should try to stick to the rule of controlling portions.

Physical Activity:

A cancer survivor should indulge in minimum one hour of physical activity every day. The activity can be planned with health care provider as per health conditions. The best is to start playing games like badminton or go for leisure activities like swimming or cycling. Joining yoga or aerobics and even dance class can be relaxing experience. If one is not high on energy jogging or even brisk walking is a wonderful day to indulge in physical activity. One should keep increasing the physical activity with time as stamina builds up. Initially the start can be challenging. Physical activity not only controls weight gain but also helps in building muscle strength.

Emotional Health:

Caring about physical health, cancer patients forget about their mental health. While physical well being is important for body, emotional wellbeing is important for mind. Cancer survivors should speak up their thought to friends and family. Today there are many cancer survivor groups and forums for this too. Becoming part of it helps surely. Not only one gets new friends, but it also helps to understand that you are not alone in this situation. One should indulge in activities one likes like gardening, painting or even a watching your favorite show. Reading good books also has a positive effect on emotional health. If one feels depression and loneliness, one should not hesitate to take help of health care provider at the earliest.


While the body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from silence. The art of listening to the true you is mediation. Mediation is your connection with your inner self, so that you become more aware about yourself. You do not have to shell out hefty amount for any guided meditation session. All you have to find a quiet corner in any place and try to form a connection with yourself by controlling all vague thought. You can also take help of light music to soothe your mind. Try to sit in silence and let your mind and body rest. There is not set rule as to time when one should meditate. One can meditate any time one wishes.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking causes irreparable loss to health. Every cigarette smoked is dangerous for cancer survivor. Not only active smoking but passive and second hand smoking is equally life threatening. Do not hesitate to stop others from smoking near you. Avoid places where there is high intensity of smoke.

Say No to Drinking:

It is now scientifically proven that drinking alcohol is bad for cancer survivors. Drinking due to social pressure should be avoided. Go for healthy juices and mocktails rather than alcoholic drinks.

Taking medicines on time:

Post cancer pharmacotherapy is a cardinal pre-requisite for good health of cancer survivors. They should never take any medicine without discussion with a physician. Also, health supplements should not be taken. Medicines should be altered as and when suggested by the physicians. Priority should be given to taking the medicines in time.

Regular screening and testing:

Post cancer too, the survivors should undergo regular screening and tests. One should not lie to your doctor. Always report if a health condition arises. Your doctor is your best friend. One should never miss regular check-ups.

Living an organic life:

A life free from chemicals is the best way of living for cancer survivors. There are many evidences that show that chemicals are the foremost cause of cancer. Try living a holistic life that is influenced from nature. Stay away from preservatives of any kind. A simple life is the best life for cancer survivor.

Cancer survivors should always invest in their health. They should adopt a positive outlook towards life and have an optimistic approach to every situation in life. It is not only your body that needs to heal and rejuvenate, it’s also your mind that needs your help. Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity. There are no limits of what your mind and body can accomplish. The limits are in your mind. Escape those limits and achieve your dreams of a healthy post cancer life with these simple tips for healthy living.

Tough time do not last, but tough people do. Cancer may have started the fight, but remember it is you who shall fight it and finish it.

Stay Strong. Stay Positive.
Stop Worrying, Start Living.
You are a Fighter; You are a Survivor.

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