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Ukraine Fights Back

Ukraine Fights Back

Ukraine fights back Russian aggression as they continue to defend Kyiv. Reports of Ukrainian soldiers gaining more foothold in the capital says that they are pushing back the aggressors. The counterattacks have seen Russian forces about to be surrounded or pushed back.

As Kyiv is being surrounded, the Ukrainian army pushed them back on the northern and western part of the capital. The Russian appeared to have either been stalled or pulling back jeopardizing supply lines.

About 48 kilometers from Kyiv is the city of Makariv where Ukraine regained control of the town. For the past few days, the town has experienced a number of bombings and destruction. Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine said they have taken back the town. If they can defend it further and manage to consolidate control, the Russians will not be able to move further.

In the town of Moschun about 35 kilometers from Kyiv, the Ukrainian army is seen patrolling the streets. Satellite images show armored vehicles abandoned or destroyed on the streets.

In the western part of Kyiv, mother nature seems to have provided an additional defense for the city. The Irpin River has flooded the area and made it difficult for the Russians to cross it. The dam has caused the flood but it is unclear if it was opened by the Ukrainians or hit by strikes.

In the cities of Kherson and Mykolaiv, the Ukrainian forces are trying to regain the cities.

Now that Ukraine fights back the Russian army, many wonder if this would escalate the attacks. Many anticipate that the Russians will now use more advanced and deadlier weapons to try to take the city. In recent news, Russia has launched a hypersonic missile which is an advanced weapon.

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