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Upcoming Holidays in Thailand

Upcoming Holidays in Thailand

Holiday in Thailand is coming. This long weekend begins tomorrow, December 5th, but before you plan ahead about enjoying these special non-working days, you can read about the main reasons for Father’s Day, Constitution Day, and the New Year. You can learn more about their history and how they are celebrated.

5 December: Father’s Day in Thailand

Father’s Day in Thailand is celebrated as the birthday of the late King of Thailand, Bhumibol Adulyadej. It is also the National Day of Thailand. King Bhumibol was the ninth king of the 200-year-old Chakri dynasty. He was known as the longest reigning king in the world. He was also known as ‘Rama Navam’. The people of Thailand considered him a descendant of Lord Rama.

10 December: Thailand Constitution Day

Constitution Day is celebrated every year in Thailand on 10 December to commemorate the adoption of constitutional monarchy since 1932. Parades and fireworks are organized on this day. This day is a national holiday. Images of Thai kings are displayed throughout Thailand. On this day, the people of Thailand thank the monarchy for giving them the right to run their country.

New Year’s Eve

A huge number of Thais also visit temple during the evening or night time to mark the changing of the year with good luck and prosperity. It’s the Thai spiritual way to begin the new year with peace of mind. shopping malls organize countdowns where visitors can join the crowds to celebrate the stroke of midnight. Fireworks, lighting displays, fireworks and laser shows are the main attraction of this event. DJs, club music and street parties are common in an around these venues and major hit-makers perform live.

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