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Vegetarian Festival is Starting This Week in Phuket

Vegetarian Festival is Starting This Week in Phuket

Phuket’s Nine Emperor Gods Festival, also known as the Vegetarian Festival, begins next week keeping in mind the COVID restrictions. It is an annual commemoration in which ancient Chinese spirits are invited to come down from heaven to witness approximately 8 days of rituals and parades.

But due to Corona this year this festival will not be celebrated with as much enthusiasm as it is every year. Not many people will be included, which organizers anticipate will be fewer due to the fear of large crowds, the economic impact of the pandemic on their disposable income and the difficulties limiting travel to the island at this time.

The Thai Chamber of Commerce University has predicted a drop of at least 14.5% in revenue this year to around 40 billion baht.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this year this year this festival will run from 6 to 14 October. The dates of each year’s festival change. Last year’s festival was more suppressed due to Thailand’s COVID situation. In 2016 and 2017, the event was heavily influenced, first with the death of King Bhumibol of Thailand and then, a year later, with the funeral of the former monarch.

The festivities include a walk through fire, a loud street procession that has Mar Song and a final procession through Phuket Town with copious fireworks where any unused fireworks are used as participants in a surprise attack on all senses. , and thousands of people send Chinese spirits back to heaven after their week or mix it with Phuket’s mortals.

The festival promotes a week of abstinence for the island’s strong Thai-Chinese population by eating meat, drinking wine and indulging in other ‘meat pleasures’. Stalls serving vegetarian food are set up on the streets of Phuket Town.

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