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Will Smith Divorce Rumors Continue

Will Smith Divorce Rumors Continue

Will Smith divorce rumors continue with some media outlets calling it possibly “the ugliest divorces in showbiz history”. Some even compared it to the long divorce battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Weeks after a whirlwind frenzy over Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the Oscars, a lot has happened. After Will apologized to Chris through Instagram, the hits keep on coming for the Bad Boys actor. The Oscars have decided to ban him from the awards which came after Will Smith publicly resigned from the academy. Sony and Netflix followed with an announcement putting Will Smith’s projects on hold.

On top of these, the media has dug up old rumors on Jada Smith’s affairs with Tupac and even Chris Rock. Some claimed that the slap was in part a response to the rumor that Jada and Chris went on a private getaway without the knowledge of the actor.

Jada has continuously called for “healing” saying that his family is going through these changes together. The slapping incident has reopened old wounds that were not acknowledged for a long time. Their marriage had many problems in past and it has resurfaced all in under one month.

Among the issues is the admission of Jada Smith regarding her affair with August Alsina, a 29-year-old musician. Will Smith remained positive about these allegations, in an interview he said they never hide things from each other. He also said that he and his wife talk about everything so there are no surprises.

Another factor that people are looking into is Will Smith’s $350 million fortune which could be split in half if the divorce pushes through. This will be the cause of a lengthy divorce discussion between the two considering they have 2 children.

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