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Will Smith Projects with Sony and Netflix on Hold

Will Smith Projects with Sony and Netflix on Hold

Will Smith’s projects with Netflix and Sony are on hold following the Oscar controversy with Chris Rock. This comes a day after Will Smith resigned from the Oscars and following the verdict that the Academy decided.

Just a few days ago, the internet was on fire following Smith’s televised attack on Chris Rock on the stage. Chris Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife Jada regarding her haircut. She was battling alopecia which causes her hair to fall out. At first, everybody was laughing about the joke, even Will himself. Moments later he stood up and slapped Chris Rock. Many thought that it was staged but quickly realized it was not when Smith yelled profanities during the live show.

Netflix announced that their upcoming movie “Fast and Loose” is on hold. Smith was to play a crime boss with a memory problem.

Sony is also putting the brakes on “Bad Boys 4,” which had been gearing up ahead of the awards show. THR also reported that Bad Boys 4 is allegedly on hold following the events of Sunday’s ceremony, despite Smith receiving 40 pages of the script prior to the slap.

Smith’s Apple TV+ drama Emancipation is currently in post-production, set to premiere sometime in 2022. However, Apple has not announced a formal release date.

The response of these companies comes after the controversial slap moment. Will Smith already issued apologies to Chris Rock and the Academy. He also resigned from the Oscars following their verdict of “appropriate actions” will be taken against him.

There have been mixed opinions on the incident as some say it was inappropriate but some say it was well deserved. Only time will tell if Will Smith will be canceled by Hollywood following the incident.

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