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Winter Dryness Affecting Your Beauty

Winter Dryness Affecting Your Beauty

Get Natural Remedies for Hair and Skin

Wherever I go or travel, I find women suffering with dandruff, hair loss, split ends and much more. I know how disgusting this can look as I too was a victim of these problems in the past. Also, my skingets very scaly and dry.  Whenever I went out, I was on very low confidence levels due to my dull and duller appearance. Black circles started to love my eyes.  With the help of natural care, I finally got back my healthy and glowing skin and hair. Below are some useful tips that are effective for dandruff and skin and will start to show the results within a week.

Tips for Healthy Hair:

Take 4 to 5 tablespoons of olive oil and heat it in low flame for 5 min. Apply the warm/hot oil to your hair and leave it to get soaked into your scalp overnight. This treatment will make your hair smooth and enrich your scalp with the much-needed oxygen. The pores in your scalp will open due to the hotness and your scalp will start to observe oxygen. The next morning, mix some curd and few lemon drops and apply it to your scalp. Always remember that when your scalp starts itching, it’s because of the citric acid present in lemon that is working on dandruff. So, don’t worry if you have any irritation or itching. At the same time, see to that you do not add too many lemon drops. Leave the mixture on your scalp for 30 min and then rinse it off with a mild shampoo. Repeat this twice a week and you will get to see beautiful results gradually.

Tips for Smooth Skin:

Take 4-5 roses and remove their petals. Place them along with freshly cut cucumber slices. Take a little quantity of Aloe Vera gel. You can also soak the rose petals in a jar of water before one day so that the petals absorb the water and tend to become more aromatic. You can add the water in the jar along with the petals to retain the essence. Mix the gel, petals, cucumber in a mixer jar and grind it till it becomes into a smooth paste. Add milk to the paste for every two minutes and grind it once again till the milk gets mixed with the paste and turns out into a lotion. If you have taken more milk, then you can add a pinch of cornflour to make the paste thicker. You can also use this as a face pack by mixing two table spoons of besan gram to it.

Remove the paste from the mixer jar and keep it aside for 20 min. You can also refrigerate it if you want your lotion to be more thicker. Take a cotton or a soft cloth and gently rub your skin with the lotion. You can watch the dirt peeling off from your skin without any irritation or itching on your skin!

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