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Yam: The First Branch of Yoga (Int’I Yoga Day)

Yam: The First Branch of Yoga (Int’I Yoga Day)

Yam, the first limb defines the practice of strong moral and ethical values in practitioner life.’Yam’ is a Sanskrit word stands for ‘restrain or hold back’ yourself from the activities which may hamper your spiritual, mental or social existence. There are five Yamas mentioned in ‘Yogasutra of Patanjali’ which lead towards the perfection of inner and outer harmony with everything around.

  • Ahimsa (nonviolence)
  • Asteya (non stealing)
  • Aparigrah (non possessiveness)
  • Saty (truthfulness)
  • Brahmacharya (fidelity/sexual restraint)

Animsa (non violence)
First and foremost practicing ‘Ahimsa’ is an integral part of Yoga .In this step, any kind of violence either physical, verbal actions or even in thoughts is prohibited .Be calm and kind, expect less- accept more and try to realise that forgiving is way better than revenge are the powerful tools to shape up your inner and outer world positively.

Astey (non-stealing)
In this step practitioner has to learn to share his belongings selflessly without expecting anything in return like share happiness, give time to loved ones, share knowledge, provide food or shelter to the needy and as far as possible stay away from searching emotional support, favours, appraisals etc. As being wealthy is always a relative term so first of all one should be feel satisfied with the monetary assets he has and try to focus how can he enhance his spiritual and intellectual wealth.

Aparigrah (non possessiveness)
“keep the things for use not to own” is the essence of Aparigraha. don’t try to acquire or collect the things more than you can use.This kind of mind set can distract a person from his soothing path of Yoga . Simply try to get rid of give and take kind of relationships. Upliftment of your self-esteem make you feel richer and one would definitely feel more connected to it’s inner self.

Saty (truthfulness)
You cannot enjoy the benefit of Yoga if you are not true to yourself.First figure out then accept your flaws then only you can get rid of them. Saty is a tool to get strong social existence and maintain inner peace.One who recognises the power of truth is always stays away from many negative vibes like fear, insecurities, anxiety etc. Truth is always beautiful ,simply you have to accept this.

Brahmacharya (fidelity/sexual restraint)
Brahmachary is all about balancing and supervising your senses.It defines loyalty not only for a mutually devoted partner but also with a disciplined and focused mind. With the continuous practice the person can masters in skill to replace sensual pleasure by inner joy. A body free with dependencies and a mind free with cravings is an asset itself.

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