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Yoga for Wellness – Cure/Prevent Thyroid Disorder

Yoga for Wellness – Cure/Prevent Thyroid Disorder

Yoga for Wellness

“I noticed irregular periods for the past three months and decided to check with a gynaecologist. I assured myself that nothing would be wrong as it was just the stress and hectic lifestyle. Upon meeting my gynaecologist, she asked me a few questions and asked me to do a few tests. I took the tests right away and was awaiting the results. Once again, I reassured myself that everything would be normal as this is a common problem among women in their early thirties. After the test results came, my doctor called me and asked me to meet her. She told me that I am having thyroid disorder and that is the root cause of all the hormonal and mental changes taking place in my body. I was speechless. I was in utter dismay as I always thought and was proud of myself that I am the healthiest person in my life. Little did I know that it was the exact opposite of what I thought. Further the doctor explained to me that thyroid can take a toll on many parts of the including heart, throat and other organs. I slowly began to pick up the courage to ask her what’s the solution for this. She plainly answered that there is no specific treatment and that the real solution is to make a change in my current lifestyle. She asked me to attend yoga, wellness and meditation sessions. It was then I decided to try yoga and realized what its profound impact it had on my mental as well as physical health” – Priyanka, a patient of hypothyroidism since 2010.

Types and Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders:

Yoga for Wellness

Thyroid disorders have become common in India especially among teenagers and young women. There are two types of thyroid disorders:

  1. Hypothyroidism– underactive thyroid
  2. Hyperthyroidism– overactive thyroid

The symptoms of hypothyroidism are:

  • Lethargy
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation

The symptoms of hyperthyroidism are:

  • Sudden change in appetite
  • Inability to fall asleep at night
  • Highly anxious and nervous

Yoga to the Rescue:

The best solution to overcome any type of thyroid disorder is not only taking medication but also including yoga in your day to day activities. Yoga not only keeps you fit and healthy but also improves your mental balance and increases you focus. You can notice a gradual increase in your health when you start doing yoga.

Yoga Asanas:

Some of the beneficial yoga poses for hypothyroidism are:

Surya Namaskar

Yoga for Wellness

Cobra pose (Bhujangasan)

Yoga for Wellness
Pic@ Yoga journal

Sarvangasan (shoulder stand pose)

Yoga for Wellness

Sethubandhasan (Bridge pose)

Yoga for Wellness

Dhanurasan (Bow pose)

Yoga for Wellness
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Halasan (Plough pose)

Yoga for Wellness

Matsyasan (Fish pose)

Yoga for Wellness

Some of the pranayamas that help in dealing with hypothyroidism are Ujjayi and Kapala Bathi techniques which are proven to be effective.

Some of the beneficial yoga poses for hyperthyroidism are:

Child pose (Balasan)

Yoga for Wellness

Corpse pose (shavasana)

Yoga for Wellness

Cat stretch (marjaria asan)

Yoga for Wellness

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