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You Aren’t Above Indian law : Parliamentary Panel Tells Twitter

You Aren’t Above Indian law : Parliamentary Panel Tells Twitter

The tension between Twitter and the government is increasing. The parliamentary committee had summoned Twitter officials to appear before it . In this sequence, representatives of Twitter India appeared before the Parliamentary Committee and recorded a statement on the issue of misuse of social media platform, protecting the rights of citizens. According to the information revealed about this, the committee has reprimanded the officials of the company. Referring to the privacy policy on behalf of Twitter, the committee said that the law of the land is big, not your policy.

Let us tell you that on Thursday, the central government took away legal protection from the Twitter company for not following the IT rules. It is to be known that the Standing Committee constituted on IT will question and answer questions regarding the misuse of social media platforms during this period. Along with this, it will also ask for more information to avoid misuse of social media. Explain that the committee led by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor had summoned many big social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, regarding the delay in implementing the new IT Act.

According to the notice of the Parliamentary Committee, the agenda of the meeting to be held on June 18 is to listen to Twitter officials regarding the rights of the people. During this, apart from the misuse of platforms, the safety of women in the digital sector will also be discussed. The Center has recently abolished the intermediate status of Twitter. Along with this, the company has also been brought within the limits of Indian laws.

In fact, during the farmers’ movement in 2021, the government had ordered the closure of many accounts, but Twitter refused to obey the government’s order, citing freedom of speech. After which the government asked Twitter to implement the new rules, but here also the company sought three months’ time, citing many flaws in implementing the new rules of the government. However, even after the expiry of three months, the order was not complied with by the company. Apart from this, in February, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey liked the tweets supporting the farmers’ movement. The government had raised questions on the fairness of this platform.

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