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5 Best Breakfast in Gujarat

5 Best Breakfast in Gujarat

We all love delicious food be it home-made or street side. There is a saying that some people eat to live and some people live to eat. I fall in the second category. Being a foodie, I cannot help but eat whenever I just feel like. Tasty food enhances and lifts up my mood. But that does not mean that I am obese or not health conscious. I do work out regularly while balancing my hunger for tasty food. I am the type who advocates to eat whatever you want and work it out the next day.  But Gujarat has a special place in my heart for the delicious foods and treats it has to offer. Also, the food in Gujarat is not only tasty but also healthy as most of them are steamed. Check out the 5 best breakfasts in Gujarat.


Breakfasts in Gujarat

This melt in mouth healthy breakfastis a fulfilling and tasty breakfast. Dhokla is made using the steaming technique. So, it is completely oil free and anyone can relish it. It serves as the perfect breakfast option. Its soft and spongy texture easily melts in the mouth. It is made with assorted spices and ingredients which add flavour. Khaman dhokla is fermented and made which makes this recipe kid friendly as well. It can also be made at home.

Kutchi Dabeli:

Breakfasts in Gujarat

Kutchi Dabeli or double roti can be had as a breakfast or as light snacks along with tea. Dabeli literally means “pressed”. This delicious mouth-watering recipe is rolled and pressed. These delicate snacks have a tempting combination of mashed potatoes and spices. These are often had with pav along with a spicy mint or coconut chutney.


Breakfasts in Gujarat

This resembles a savoury cake and can be baked instead of frying. This is made with protein lentils, bottle gourd or ridge gourd and buttermilk. When baked one can have 4-6 cakes of this as it has less calories in it. The tempering with curry leaves, jeera and mustard adds a crisp and rich flavour to this item.


This has a special place in my heart among the best breakfasts of Gujarat. It takes less than 10 minutes to make this recipe. It is completely healthy, the best food out there and is very light. Poha is flattened rice and does not has carbohydrates. The poha for this breakfast is not fried or boiled but is just soaked in plain water for 10 minutes. One more ingredient that makes this breakfast the best is the addition of boiled potatoes.  Add a few drops of lemon and some sev and lo! Your crunchy munchy breakfast is ready!


Breakfasts in Gujarat

Pudla is a Gujarati food that is a vegetarian version of omelette. It is made with besan or chickpea flour and resembles a pancake or a small sized dosa. This has two versions- normal and sweet. The normal version has spicy chutneys and the sweet version has tamarind or jeera water.

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