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5 Top Thai & Indian Temples in Bangkok

5 Top Thai & Indian Temples in Bangkok

Thai & Indian Temples

Must Visit for Spiritual & Divine Bliss

Not every traveller travel only for fun and adventure. Some love to revel in historical and cultural visits as well, like I do.

As an avid traveller, I love to explore different places, different domains, right from adventure to culturally significant places and much more. And one such trip that has carved a special memory in my heart is a trip to Thailand. Yes, Thailand and for a cultural trip that too.

This is one location that has been synonymous with its exotic beach and resort life; but there is more to Thailand than just that. My trip this summer was everything that an avid god-abiding person would love to have. I visited different temples around Thailand, especially Bangkok, and I returned pretty pleased and with a new sense of self-being and divine connection. So, if you are looking to experience something different and want to explore Indian temples as well as local temples and spiritual journey that people outside India love to be a part of, here is a list of top 5 Indian and Thai temples spread throughout Bangkok that are a must visit:

Wat Arun – Temple of the Dawn

Thai & Indian Temples in Bangkok

A majestic temple, situated on the Chao Phraya river, this one temple is a must-visit during the night time for the glare and appealing beauty it reflects. An unparalleled beauty in its own right, this temple is a big landmark in the city and a identity of the cultural significance of the country. One of the six of the Royal temples in Thailand, this temple consists hundreds of Buddha images which are created denoting his life from different stages ad periods.

Wat Phao – Temple of Reclining Buddha

Thai & Indian Temples in Bangkok

This is the oldest temple in the country and one which has a wonderful, awe-struck reclining statue of Buddha that is 46 metres long. The name of this temple is derived from a monastery in India, where Buddha is believed to have lived. If you are stunned by the images collection of Buddha in Wat Arun, then I must tell you that Wat Phao consists of largest collection of Buddha images. The reclining statue is covered with gold leaf and is enveloped with mother-of-pearl decorations, except for the 4-metere long feet.

Wat Ratchanatdaram Worawihan – Loha Prasat

Thai & Indian Temples in Bangkok

This temple stands out from the rest, simply because of its unparalleled architectural finish. A UNESCO World Heritage site, this temple is also called ‘Metal Castle’ and is highly elegant and impressive in natural beauty.

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Thai & Indian Temples in Bangkok

It’s not just Buddhist temples that can get grandeur in Thailand, but Hindu religion also finds a special and significant place in the divine space in Thailand. I was really mesmerised by the splendour and beauty of this temple. Known locally in Thai culture as ‘Wat Khaek’, this temple depicts South-Indian architecture and is based on the Gopuram style.

Indra Shrine

Thai & Indian Temples in Bangkok

Indra Shrine is located at Amarin Plaza and as the name suggests, is dedicated to Lord Indra. This temple has ample depiction of glorious elephant figurines and is quite a beauty in its own right. It is a place visited by Hindus and locals very ardently.

Apart from this temple, one other temple that is a marvelous beauty and a must visit for everyone is the Sanctuary of Truth, located in Pattaya. An amazing architectural work, which I found to be complete unique and extremely captivating, it was a temple where you can spend hours and hours just adorning the beauty.

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