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Big Fat Indian Weddings

Big Fat Indian Weddings

Big Fat Indian Wedding Indo thai News
Indian bride and groom - Big fat Indian wedding

The Culture, The Trend, and The Status Quo of Today

What comes to your mind when you hear about Indian Wedding? Off course, a rich cultural exhibition, variety of delicious food, a stately decorated venue, ethically and mesmerizingly attired groom and bride, and lots of dance. Yes, this is the norm of Indian wedding scenes.

Now, how about if I say that people can go to such length that they end up spending crores and crores of rupees, enlivening everything associated with the wedding as magnificent and grand as they can.

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Without further ado

Welcome to Big Fat Indian Weddings and the world of magnificence & Grandeur? 

What exactly you can call as a Big fat Indian Wedding?

Indian bride - Big fat Indian wedding
Indian bride dressed up in Indian Traditional bridalwear at her wedding

Spotting a big fat wedding isn’t a rocket science after all. When you come across a wedding celebration that has everything written and presented in the utmost grandest way, millions and millions of spending incurred; this is a big fat wedding. And in India, it has turned out to be a way for affluent and wealthy people to show how much they can do for their family when it comes to their D-day, as well as to flaunt their riches.

These types of weddings have all things reflecting luxury, lavishness and extravagance. So, no worry that Indian wedding industry is in itself a very big industry, with world-class and famous wedding planners, decorators, caterers, clothing for Indian brides & grooms and jewellery designers (some of the big names in the industry), performers (even some Bollywood names grace their presence performing in such Indian weddings for a hefty fee) chefs and other vendors flourishing.

I have seen around and have been to a few such Big Fat Indian marriages, and the average spending can range from Rs. 8-10 crores to over a Rs. 100 crore. Big names, including industrialists, politicians, and celebrities, as well several other big guns in their societies possess the prowess and throws out such big wedding event affairs.

Explicit Aspects that Puts Big fat Indian Weddings Different than Other Normal Weddings

Grand Indian wedding venue - Big fat Indian wedding
Indian Wedding venue at an exotic locale by the sea
  • Exotic Locales – Think of an Indian wedding, and you would understand why the even or the wedding location holds so much of significance. Big fat Indian weddings usually don’t take place in the normal venues, but some mega places like a huge palace, a stadium, a fort or private huge farmhouses. Just booking such venues is a big spend. Destinations weddings have also become popular in such a trend.
  • Decor – Lavish and lavish. Yes, everything related to the venue décor, right from entrance to stage, and every basic element involved is a big splendour in itself.
  • Attendees –Just like everything else grand, the number of guests invited is also huge. You can easily expect to see 4000-5000 people attending a big fat Indian wedding. And these includes some prominent names in the society, on the national and international level as well, depending on hosts’ links and who they are inviting.
  • Food – As the food becomes the focal point of a wedding, usually and as there is a huge guest list involved, you can expect to find food delicacies in a wide variety and numbers, representing different food cultures and cuisines. And about drinks? Yes, you will easily get a feeling of a complete bar full with all types of different drink options. Even the serving of food and drinks is magnificent. Get a feel of what royal Indian food is like, read about the rich & royal Indian Rajasthani Thali
  • Invitation Cards – For a middle-class person, the wedding invitation is all about getting the details on it and sending it across to contacts, at least possible expense as possible. But for affluent people, the wedding invitation is all about creating the bold statement right at the first impression. Right from gold embossed invitations with studded diamonds to other stately invitations, coupled with boxes of sweets, fruits and expensive gifts is a common method to invite people.
  • Jewellery – What is an Indian wedding if there is no display of the jewellery, especially gold. Whether as cultural norm or for whatever other reason, gold usually takes up a large chunk of Indian wedding expenses. And big fat Indian weddings take this many steps further.
Decorations at Big fat Indian wedding
Decorations at an Indian Wedding

Apart from these, the gifts right from extravagant cars to, several other things presented to the Indian groom by the bride’s family is a sight to behold.

Food stall at Big fat Indian wedding
Food stall at an Indian wedding


Some of the famous Biggest Fat Indian Weddings:

  • Rohan Mehta and Roshni Khemlani wedding – Rs. 140 crore approx.
  • Sanjay Hinduja and Anu Mahtani wedding – Rs. 125 crore approx.
  • Seemanto Roy and Sushanto Roy’s wedding – Rs. 550 crore approx.
  • Shrishti Mittal and Gulraj Behl wedding – Rs. 500 crore approx.
  • Vanisha Mittal and Amit Bhatia wedding – Rs 220 crore approx.

Well, such whopping spends is the kind amount people dream of to earn throughout their life. And then there are affluent people who splurge this much on a single occasion.

So, what’s your take on big fat Indian weddings? Do you think that such spends are unnecessary? Give us your opinions on what you think of this culture that only seems to be getting bigger and fatter.

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